Thursday, March 21, 2019

Personal Development

9 Habits To Develop To make This Year Your Best Year Yet

Are you certain like me? I’m certain I will record tremendous achievement this year, because I’m committed to giving my best to creating the kind of future I want for myself, and I wish you will go on this journey with me too. Everyone wants the best out of every year, but getting the best […]

4 Ways To Living A Meaningful Life 

Recently I was discussing with my sister, who just came back from a vacation from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Dubai. We discussed what it really takes to live the kind of life most people see to be a good life. We also discussed what it takes for a country like […]

Thought Pill

3 Positive Life Codes To Live By For A Peaceful And United World

A lot of things are happen in the world we live in, different people with different beliefs, different ideology and different perception about life. Ask a man somewhere in Asia what he thinks about death, he will tell you something like ‘his spirit ascending into a spiritual realm where it can be purified before beginning […]

Thought Pill: Focusing on Growth

Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that you can achieve those big goals on the list, those big goals that will look amazing if it’s smashed. But then, when you look around you all you will find instead of ways to smash the goals are the reasons why it can’t be done. Then we lose hope. […]