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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Blog Today


Reasons to start a blog

Hello friends, in the DIY (Do It Yourself) category of this blog, I want to share with you 3 reasons why I feel you should start your own blog, but before that, lets have an idea of what blog is and some other terms associated to it.

What is a blog.

Simply stating, blog is a journal or diary that is on the Internet.

The site you are reading this article from is an example of a blog, blog was originally known primarily as places for people to write about their daily activities, but today it has grown more than just sharing daily activities to sharing information, instructing people, marketing products and services and much more things.

Blog versus webpage

People confuse blog with a webpage, there are distinct features of both, webpage is made up of pages(a single row and column text area, but webpage and blog can sit in the same domain on the net.) which either contains information or details about a company or it’s product or (and) services.

On the other hand a blog (blog post) appears in feed, in a trend form, capable of containing multiple post in preview(just title and featured image, sometimes with brief description of the entire post and can also contain some pages). More tips to know about blogs are that they are frequently updated, blogs always have new content added in it several times either in daily, weekly or monthly bases, they allow readers to engage and contribute by commenting there thoughts and opinions unlike normal webpage.

Order terms

Blogger: blogger is a person who keeps a blog. Someone who controls and manage a blog content is known as a blogger.

Blogging:The action or process of creating, writing and editing a blog content is called Blogging.

having had a brief or detailed idea of what blog is, now let look at 3 reasons why you should start your own blog.

1. To share your knowledge and skills to the entire world.

According to Internetlivestats about 3.4 billion, 41% of people in the whole world uses internet out of 7.4 billion people (number not exact) living in the world. Having a blog is simply a unique way to share what ever knowledge or skills you have or information about your business to the entire world.

Talking about sharing your knowledge and skills, the internet today is known to be the major source of answers to questions, solution to problems(academics inclusive), validation to arguments and even developing or learning of new skills. Most of these informations are shared through blog, my point here is that whatever information you see on the internet is created and updated by someone, in some cases institutions or organization, so you can join the trend of solution providers in the world.

Being realistic, the platform of blog gives you room to share your knowledge and skills (traditions, culture, solution to problem, better way of doing things, your opinions etc) with 3.4billion people using internet. there are lots of benefits of doing this (both in long run) one of it is, it makes you feel important which is a great value both to your economic life.

2. To Improve the Intelligence of The world.

It’s fact that the entire human persons is seeking for truth, better life, some adventures.There might be something you know how to do better or best which someone out there don’t know (thou, you must not be an expect before you teach others). Most people have the ideas, knowledge or skills that can change the entire world but due to lack of a unique way of expressing it, they conceal it some probably die with it.Blog is a unique platform for you to contribute your intelligence to the entire world, with the help of internet you have 41% chance to reach everybody in world regardless of their continent, country, state or region. So Imagine that your wisdom, knowledge and skills have the potential of servicing the world, doesn’t it feel right and also you leave behind informations, ideas and knowledge for generations to come, I think this sound good.

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3. To make money

Yeah, this is the part people love to read (how to make money with blog), there are many ways to make money with blog some include affiliate programs, paid post publishing, ads placement etc. Many of it will be fully discussed in another post. Your blog can earn you money, by sharing your wisdom, ideas, knowledge and skills with the entire world, you can make money in the process, all it requires is time and consistent.

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