Why Your Past don’t have to Hold you Back.

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Quote: Our Past, is Filled With Wisdom Needed to live today.

Have you ever imagined the possibility of you doing anything you ever thought can be done in this world, utilizing the full capacity of the mind power, yea it’s possible but that is not our topic for today. Today, lets look at 3 Reasons Why Your Past don’t have to Hold you Back.

1. You didn’t create the environment that made those awful past/But you can create your own environment today.

Every human,came into this world with genetic heritage from there parent, human physiology, later cognitive capacities and some drives, like drives for food, companionship, sex etc. Though the genetics and human physiology we inherited from our parents and learned later from other agent of socialization around us, guilds us up to when our cognitive capacities are developed (we start thinking and making conscious decisions on our own, which sometimes were unreasonable and wrong). By the influence of the environment that bred us and our inherited genetic codes, we develop our beliefs, attitude and personality that determines our decisions. So, You may have made unreasonable and wrong decisions due to inadequate knowledge in principles and misunderstanding of facts and figures in life.

But you can recreate your own environment, being conscious of your decisions, actions today and understanding the ability of  your, you being able to think for yourself, you can recreate your own environment inline with your purpose, desire and intention in life, from now onset.

2. Those Unsuccessful and unpleasant Past life have wisdom needed to live tomorrow.

We might not like the experience, well they have came and gone, we are still here.  Someone once said “what didn’t break you, makes you” So, if you invest your energy regretting about the past, it’s like a waste investment. What is required of us is to trace back to the past with consciousness and with purpose, there is always a gem of wisdom in every misfortune, mistreatment and other similar awful experience that we have gone through. Because what ever we have being through is either plans not planned well before executing, actions not well calculated before taken, an act not well mastered before acting, decisions not fully informed about before making or what we should have done but didn’t do. The good news is that we can negotiate with our past to give us the future we desire, every failed plan, is revealing that we need more information to make better plans, so get more information. every failed action is revealing that we don’t have the right skills to properly act, so go get skills. every failed decision is revealing that we don’t have grounded knowledge to make rightful decisions, go get knowledge inclusive of wisdom. With more information,skills, knowledge and wisdom we can do the right thing today to ripe the good things tomorrow, We should also have in mind that by failing we also proven to the world ways in which things can’t be done. Steve Jobs once said “you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect the dots looking backward” also have in mind “you can’t correct the mistakes looking forward, you can only correct the mistakes looking backward”.

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3. You have not made the last unreasonable and wrong decision in your life.

Man has being living in this global space called world for thousands years, still yet there has not been a comprehensive understanding about the formation of the world, every culture, religion and tradition to its own believe. So where ever you are and what ever you believe in, one thing is certain, which is that you are sent here to find a purpose, you were not give purpose that is why you were born with unconscious mind, so in finding that purpose you will go wrong,you will make mistakes, as you discover your past mistakes it simply means that you have found a clue in the present moment that you need the wisdom from your past to comprehend, so look to the past for the skills, wisdom and information needed to move on and move on, that is one of the characteristics of being positive. Also bear in mind that there are things you don’t understand still coming in your way that you have to face, that is were the next mistake will come. So now you know that mistakes will be made, when the time comes, all you need to do is learn from it and move on.

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