Starting your own blog

3 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Own Blog.


Starting your own blog

If there is any channel through which one can fully express him or her self to the entire people on planet earth, i think it’s through blogging, the internet has made it very possible for us to reach out to people even outside our neighbourhood, state, region, province or country, social communities like Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc has also made it much more easier to reach wider range of people, this makes corporate or personal blog unique.. why? Because you get to have your own space on the net, were you can set your own rules on what to display and feature, it gives you room to possibly voice your opinion, thought, ideas, product and service possibly to the whole world (to larger audience i mean), to some people your opinion, thoughts, ideas, products and services will be a life changing experience for them, while some they are all trash. But my advice is, focus on those who appreciate your works.

Let me guess,,,, by now you are thinking… my english writing or structure are not that good or am not an expert, that brings us to the main purpose of this article, that is, to look at 3 things I feel you should know before you start blogging.

1. You must not be an A student in English or an expert before you start blogging.

Yeah I mean it, no one has ever started anything in perfect mode, it all gets better in the process. This has been my set backs for long, because I due know how bad my english writing and structure is(as you might have observed some mistakes in this article, am glad you are still reading it anyway), when I put into consideration what it will look or feel like for people to read my jargon and errors, I get discouraged but that didn’t help. The fact is that you can or will get better (let me assure you that)as you get into it. Some pals reading this will ask or think to themselves, when did he become an expert to the extend of teaching others, well that is the idea people have that is wrong, that you must be perfect to teach or do something outside your comfort zone. I don’t know were they got it from, maybe it’s from educational system or labour market, I don’t really know anyway, but looking at people who have achieved greatness, that idea seem not to be valid. The facts is that when you start doing something you love, believed and have passion for (which is the next thing we will look at), your energy, attention and mind, will channel to that course, thereby creating for you more chances for you to learn more about that thing. Ooh, I hope my explanation was clear enough, well that is how far I can go for now, you know wink” am still growing. Let’s look at the next tips.

2. Blog about what you love and believe and have passion for.

Some will advice you to chose a niche well, that is cool but that has made people loss track of being a better writer or blogger, did I just say writer.. yeah writer, yeah it’s possible, but my point is that when you give people the niche option, they tend to select niche they feel will be profitable even though it is outside there ability, I have tried It i no what it feels like. That is why the best way I advice you select your blog category (ies) is to think of that thing (s) you love doing and experiencing, that course or faith you strongly believe in, that discipline you know very well that some people out there don’t get it right and you have the passion to help out, that thing you know deep inside you, that is not done right and feel should have a better way of doing. If you select your category(ies) by what you love, believe and have passion for, you will enjoy your ride as you journey to greatness.

3. Blogging is not a short cut to financial success.

Hmm,,, I know you don’t like to hear this, even me I don’t like to hear these either, we always want to hear something like *blogging is the easiest way to make money online* anyway that was some of the articles I read last two years that motivated me to want to be a blogger. I have followed that rules I wasn’t making the money, I wasn’t expressing myself as I want to, I was struggling to write, some times frustrated and discouraged, I wasn’t just happy. Ok lets end it here, seriously I have not written this long in a single article (am really growing). Let me leave you with this… the money will come when you do the right thing… and what is the right thing? The right thing is you blogging about what you love, believe and have passion for.. how then will the money come? will know how, when you get started.


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