Blame argument

The Blame Argument Hasn’t Helped

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Blame argument

I would have done much assuming I had all the supports.

My parent caused it, they didn’t bring me up in the right religion, culture, beliefs and economic state. Why weren’t they rich to provide me all the necessities needed to face life (the last sentence) like I use to ask my dad).

My Siblings they caused it, they didn’t support me, they should have don better than they did.

In-laws they never believed in me, they should have done something to help my situation.

That neighbour is not generous enough, he couldn’t even help out when needed.

They aren’t fare, they are liars, they withhold my progress, they are not supportive.

The government, they are always unfair, their policies are just beneficiary to themselves and their families.

Oh yes, it’s the devil, he has always being on the mission to mitigate my potentials, my progress.

And many other blame arguments we will always be pleased to debate about.

Sure, we have undergone many experiences, some left us happy, better while some worried and devastated.

We would have done better assuming we had that help. Sure, not disputing that.

But it’s worthy to note that the blame game hasn’t helped any course.

Nobody actually owe us apology or is responsible for our failure or misfortune.

People will always act based on their knowledge, believe and understanding about circumstances and life.

That is one thing will don’t have automatic power to change, though we can help out if we understand that, even though it might take awhile.

It’s time to get things right.

Expect less from people and expect more from yourself.

Don’t give people responsibility without their consent.

Look out for solution, help and assistant from the right source, don’t get upset if you don’t get your way. Try some other ways.

If you have asked and didn’t receive maybe you didn’t ask rightly or from the right source.

If you have seek and didn’t found maybe you didn’t look for in the right place.

If you have knocked the door wasn’t open, probably you knocked on the wrong door.

Although, we can’t do all things alone there people whom God has destiny to come in to our life, our life will be incomplete without then, but then we need to make ourselves suitable for the right people to come in.

We need to stop the blame debate and use every information, knowledge and skills we have, to source and get what we want.



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