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In Era Of Too Much Information Will People Still Read My Blog (writings.

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Write today

I believe this is one of the questions that have given people reasons not to fellow through their dear dream of becoming a blogger or writer.

I speak from experience, I have been in that position, were I felt am too amateur or unintelligent to write for the world to read.

My grammars are bad, my structures are too poor, who will read your writings” that are most of the things I consider.

If you are still reading this content to this extend it simply means I was surely wrong about myself and you know what am glad I was able to discover that and am happy I started writing.

#My Opinion

The way you see it now, has always been the way it was In old days.

I know you might be considering the fact that there are lots of professional writers out there, why will your novice ideas or opinions count.

But you should know before now lots of writers has been there but with few readers, then writers are also worried about people who will read there contents.

It might be that many people quite after considering the fact that there are few readers.

But the top and great writers today are those who continued writing despite the challenges of not having enough readers.

So it’s important you write and publish your skills and opinion about what you believed in or have knowledge about, the top writers don’t have all the solutions, even there are areas in life they are ignorant about or know little of.

Maybe no body will call or text you to appreciate you for the information you provided for them, it’s certain that your information will definitely mean a lot to someone out, it might even save a life or humanity.

if your skills are not valued in this generation, next-generation might value it. Please for the sake of humanity just write, blog and share your opinions and ideas.


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