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Features To Look Out For When Choosing A Web Hosting Plan.

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Hosting features

Are you planning to have your business or personal website/blog run on the world wide web (www), the global system of interconnected documents.

Tips here might help you know what to bargain for when choosing a plan from a company to house your site in the world wide web. There are already giant company carrying out this functions, such American companies like GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, HostGator, BlueHost and also African companies like Web4Africa, Whogohost, SMartWeb, Utiware hosting, Syskay Systems and many others. But there are things one need to consider before choosing a hosting company.

Here are some important features hosting company offers which one need to know to enable him/her chose and bargain for a better offer from hosting companies.

#Webspace (web disk space)
This is the space you will be temporary given in the web. It’s measured in memory size (megabytes, gigabytes). Users are subjected to work with the size assigned to them based on the plan they purchased. This web space is were the documents (text, pictures, videos, graphic etc) that makes up your site or blog are stored in the web. So before choosing a web hosting package first consider the size and kind of documents you will be dealing and sharing. Hosting companies offers between 512MB, 1GB, 4GB, 16GB to Unlimited space all depends on the company plans.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred from your site on monthly bases. Just like in your DATA subscription (WI-FI, MIFI) you are given an amount of data to transmit and receive between your devices and the web within a month, unless for unlimited. The bandwidth is also measured in memory size. Before choosing a size of bandwidth to go for, first consider the rate of your traffic and their behaviour(traffic is web visitors). Just like in your devices the amount of time spent surfing the net also determines the amount of data you are charged,
Example: If you have 10 visitors in your site or blog and each accessed two posts or pages with 1mb per post or page. When you do the maths (2post view x 1mb each =2mb x 10 visitors =20mb) this size will be deducted from the amount allocated to you on monthly bases, unless for unlimited. Websites or blogs requires more bandwidth size than web space (disk space) size.

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#Free domain (.NG)
Just like platforms like bloggers and WordPress which offers free hosting and domain name with conditions (like having there name attached on your domain name and giving you a limited web space), So is free domain feature, when you buy a hosting plan with a company, the company might offer a free domain registration. In Nigeria you can mostly get a .Ng free domain eg (’t really know why, but the .ng tag is always offered for free. but when you use the .ng (which represents Nigeria)you are some how promoting Nigeria as a country.

It’s like a secondary domain which might not be registered. Subdomains features allows you to add few other domains which must not be registered to your site or blog. Like as the name states, they must be a sub to your real domain name.

Example: If in your blog you intend to have about two categories (categories are like topics on your site or blog)eg Music tips, Cooking tips etc you can create and integrate another domain which is called subdomain to your main domain, like having were your main domain is

#Hosted Addon Domain
Unlike subdomain, this feature allows you to host more than one registered domain in one hosting plan. It allows you to host more than one site or blog in one web space and bandwidth.

#Parked domain
Parked domain features allows you to to display a temporary webpage, it’s like displaying a page to notify people of the state or condition of your site or blog, like when the site is under construction or maintenance (some use it to advertise for sale of registered domain). So when a hosting company offers you numbers of parked domain features, it means apart from the primary site or blog, you can display a temporary webpage with other domain name in the same web space (web disk space).

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Hosting companies offers email in there plans. Just like the traditional e-mail Gmail, Yahoo mail etc which is managed for us by an entity, email feature in hosting plans allows you to have your own unique email address examples or and allows you to manage the service by yourself. Meaning people can sign up for your email service like and use it to communicate to other email service (but always make your email service personal because of the technical issues, unless you know how).

A database is a structured, organized set of data. In hosting or computing, database can be referred as a software used to store and organize data. It’s like a file cabinet were files are stored based on there uniformity, they are created in form of columns and rows, having different column for different files and data like post, comments, login information, links etc in your site or blog. This makes it easier to retrieve file when needed by your blog or site. Database are also offered in a disk space size (megabyte and gigabytes) unless for unlimited.

#Web Builder
Some web hosting companies might offer web building options, were they help build your site or blog either by raw programming or by their own developed Content Management System platform(CMS) or integrated Content Management System, some of this services might require extra charges. Though, there are lots of Content Management System like Microsoft SharePoint,, Drupal, bloggers, jomola etc most hosting company attached this platform in their Cpanel of their hosting account which enables users to install their choice of CMS in few clicks button.

What other features do you think hosting companies are likely to offer in there hosting plans let us know in the comment section.




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