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Give Value To Receive Value.

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Give value

I feel the world has really changed maybe not that much, or probably am just waking up from ignorant in some areas of life.

But I still feel with the advancement and versatility of ICT and other aspects of life, ways of doing things seem to be changing.

But whatever it’s seeming to be, what I definitely know is that people are still out there looking for value, value in finance, look, health, recreation and more other aspects of life. human always have the tendency of wanting better things.

Generally many are not clear or has no understanding of the ideal way of really getting value. It’s important to note that the only way we can get value is to create and give value, create value within and outside your environment in anyway you can, help in any form you can, provide solutions in what ever way even though it looks common, to some people somewhere it’s not.

For example, if I write an article about how to swim with practical illustrations, it’s obvious many people out there don’t know how to swim, with the help of social medias and internet there are tendencies that someone out there with no knowledge of swimming can read my article, learn and practice and probably be a good swimmer. He or She will appreciate me because he or she has received value. Probably if I demand for tuition fee he/she might be willing to pay, but that will be after he/she has enjoyed my value.

There are many other practical way and examples of how this principle works out there.

Giving value has always being the way greater things has been achieved, both in business.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave the world value in form of bring people together he got his success

Bill Gate give value in form of making work easier for people through Microsoft ….he succeeded

Henry Ford in Nineties give value by help people reach their destination in lesser timing, with Automobile ….he succeeded.

Thomas Edison, give value by illuminating the world with electric bulb ….he succeeded

Dangote gave value by feeding African with pastries ….he succeeded

And many other great people.

When you check the history of this great people, you will observe the clear practical form of the act of giving value to receive value, giving value that is backed up with persistent and continuity.

Continuity is one of the key to success, so when you give value continue giving value let the people know you care that you are will to help, build trust and they will return the value you gave them with value.

So look out there, what are you good at? what are you capable of? what are you passionate about? What are you interested in ?

If It’s skills teach people, if it’s advice, advise people, if it’s knowledge share it, the good thing about skills, advice and knowledge is that the more you share, the more you know.

Talking about knowledge remember that the information you Google or Bing from the internet was placed there by someone.

You Too Can Help Improve The World Intelligence.


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