Don't give up

Giving Up On That Next Project Is Not An Option.

Self Improvement

Don't give up

Have you ever started something with great enthusiasm and few steps from starting, you are already feeling unmotivated?

Yea, unmotivated. Maybe because of an unfavourable experience or the whole thing started becoming uninteresting or impossible or requires more time or energy.

Well me I have. I have started projects and at few steps I started thinking otherwise or give up, my blog project is one of them.

That circumstances is deceitful, it will lure you out of a path that might contain great things for you.

What I have gotten out of that experience is that any project we loses enthusiasm just few steps into it has POTENTIAL.

It’s always a normal feeling for most people, when ever we want to do something different from our traditional or daily routine that might be of a great benefit to us and our future, we tend to give up at few minutes or steps into the task or project, because of the discomfort or the new experience that we experience, which is not what we are used to.

That is where this quote *the treasure you seek for is outside your comfort zone* makes great mean.

We will always love and enjoy the experiences we are used to, but if it has never worked and not working for us, then we need to make a decision, decision to change and do what is necessary even though it will be uncomfortable, since it will be outside our comfort zone surely it will be uncomfortable, but we need to build a new attitude to replace the former, so that we will start doing what has potential with joy and positive vibes.

This is one of the attributes successful people uses to climb up in there ladder of greatness, they do what other people feel unmotivated to do. They do what other people feel uncomfortable to do, to get what other people will not get.

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So, when next you start a project and few steps into it you started feeling uncomfortable, have in mind that that project has potential, then you should know that you need to take a ride with your comfort, negotiate with it and give your discomfort a chance to prove itself.


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