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Guidelines For Creating or Opening A Blog.

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Starting your own blog

Hi fellas, this post is intentionally for people without or with little idea about blog and how to go about creating one. I will share with you some tips that can guide you in the process of creating or opening your own blog.

#Pick a Niche or niches

Yeah, pick a niche, this doesn’t contradict my opinion on previous post, suggesting that you should focus less on niche, my opinion still stand, don’t focus on niche, why am against niche is that a novice will always sort for profitable niche and might not have the capacity to deliver in the niche which he or she chooses.

Focusing on your passion, on what excites you more will give you an edge, it will make you stand out, it might take awhile but if you do it well you will surely stand out.

So from whatever it’s that excites you, you can identify your niche.

The niche will help you in decision making, like selecting your site name (if you don’t want to use your name) and also in creating your categories.

Categories: are like folder created to store related post.

#Choose a platform.

Platform is like were you blog operates from. There are lots of platform out there the most popular are blogger and WordPress.

They are content management system (CMS ) meaning it’s editable, apart from the basic look you get after installation, you can manipulate the contents with settings, coding and plugins (external applications)to have the look you desire and and all this services are for free.

But if you are tech wise (website designer) you can code your own platform.

#Register or buy a domain name.

Your domain name is like your identity in the internet, it’s unique. No two different site can have one domain name.

The domain name of this site is, when you input this name in a browser it will definitely land you to my blog. you can register your own through an independent web hosting company, (my was registered with Whogohost, you can check them out to see if you can do business with them) or use the free version on WordPress or Blogger, but the problem with free version is that you don’t get to have your unique name, the company offering you the free version get to attach there name to your name e.g ( or instead of the core advantage is that you don’t pay, disadvantage is that you don’t own your name upright. There are other advantages and disadvantages but the major are the once mentioned above.

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#Self-hosting or Free hosting.

Note: hosting of site is different from registering of domain name.

Hosting has to do with buying or having a space were your blog or site will sit on internet, by hosting you will be given a space in the net., measured in memory size like in Giga byte etc unless for unlimited hosting plans.

But the good thing is that platform like WordPress or blogger also offers free hosting package but with limited space.

This is for those who do not have money to purchase a hosting plan or register there domain name, (but the disadvantage is you don’t have full ownership of your blog, if anything happens to your blog you can’t hold anybody responsible because it’s free service). To get free blog from any of the company all you need to do is sign up for there free blog hosting with your email on there site, or or any other platform you like and start blogging.

You can actually host or register your site or domain name with another hosting company then install any other Content Management System (CMS) like (wordpress, Jomola etc ) in your hosting space.

I hope this idea helps you, ask me question am available to answer.


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