What You should Know About Domain Name, Choosing and Registering One.

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If you have ever thought of having your own webpage or blog running on the internet, then this is for you. I believe that even though there are many bloggers out there are, there is also a great number of people who want to become a blogger or establish their business or company online.

For these reasons I felt it will be helpful you know about an important term DOMAIN NAME which you will be dealing with when setting up a website or blog. In this post, we will look at what a Domain name is, what to consider when choosing one and how to register any.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a name that represents your contents, the identity of your blog or website on the internet, it’s unique just like your phone number. Since blog or website is made up of documents (text, pictures, graphics and videos) domain name represents that document in the internet, the skeleton (unseen part) of any domain name is always in serial number of something like this ( which is called IP address, this is actually what devices like phones and computers etc. recognize on the internet, so a unique name which you choose as a name for your site know as Domain name is attached to this serial numbers. This domain name makes it easier for people to relate and remember your blog or website. The reason for this, is that people might find it difficult to memorize the serials numbers and that will make it difficult for people to access web content, but with the help of the domain name one can access web content from anywhere in the world with the help of internet by simply inputting the name in search engines.

How does domain name work?

This is a practical example of how a domain name works. Using a house address, with an address of a particular house, one can locate the house in wherever location it is, and probably go inside the house and see what makes up the house decorations, fittings, furniture and features. Domain helps people to locate blog or website on the internet and people can go to the blog or website to see the content in it. The domain name of my blog (this blog) is chuksemmablog.com (the .com attached to it is an extension) other popular domain names you might be familiar with are Facebook.com, Twitter.com, instagram.com and much others.

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Domain names also come with an extension which actually indicates the category website belong.

The most common categories that are easily recognized by new internet users include:
.com — for commercial purposes
.org — for organizations
.edu — for education bodies
.net — for networking
.gov — for government bodies, And more others

And other advance extensions like
.biz — for business
.name  etc.

Countries also use abbreviated name of their country name for extensions, like:
.ng — representing Nigeria
.us — representing the United State of America.
.uk — representing the United Kingdom

What do I consider when selecting a Domain name?

By knowing what domain name is, you can see that it’s important and necessary to have a Domain name and actually to have one that stands out when establishing a platform online. In this regards, there are things one needs to consider when choosing a Domain name in other for it to stand out. Some of these things include:


The core reasons why you want to create a blog or website might greatly influence the domain name. Blogs or websites have three major purposes, to educate, inform and promote. Whatever purpose your blog or website intend to serve, that purpose needs to be considered before choosing a Domain name.

Personal or Company.

While blogs or websites can be owned by an individual or company, it’s necessary to consider that when choosing a Domain name. Since a Domain name is a unique identity for blogs or websites on the net, it’s necessary to choose a Domain name that represents the owner of the blog or websites. For an individual blog or website, personal name or name related to the topics/content the individual intend to share about can be used. For a company or an organized body like organizations, institutions, agency and government, their name can be used or like a personal blog, a name related to the topics or content they intend to share.

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Topics are also an important factor to consider when choosing a Domain name. Most times domain names are selected specifically for the topics or topic the blog or website intend to share content about. For example, if you intended to blog or share your ideas or opinions on a particular topic like how to cook, you may choose a Domain name based on the topic “how to cook” which will give you a Domain name like www.howtocook.com.

Easy to remember names.

This is another factor to consider, domain names should be in any possible form simple and easy to remember. This makes it easier for people to copy and memorize your blog or website address, which helps to boost your web visitors (web traffic).

Note: Since a Domain name is unique, not all selected name will be available, reasons being that someone might have chosen your preferred selected name. So this also has to be taken into consideration too. you can use a search engine like instantdomainsearch.com to check if your domain name is free.

How to register a Domain name.

Companies that offer hosting services also registers domain names. Your domain name can be registered by another company, while the hosting of your blog or website by another company.

This blog, chuksemmablog.com was registered and hosted by whogohost, you can check them out to see their offers.

Other Popular Domain Name Registrars are,


You now have better knowledge about a domain, its time to go set up your website or blog.


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