Learn everyday

Be A Student To Life.

Self Improvement

Life exists before any man. So it’s reasonable to say that life has much experience than any man on earth.

Many understood the adage that says “wisdom comes with age” this could be applied to man and his relationship with life.

Life has been exiting before man was conceived. Therefore, life has great lessons to teach man on his earthly pilgrimage.

Man has to allow life to teach him principles that will help him live healthy, successful, happy and a contributing life.

Man most not limit his learning to the class room, man must learn to recognize and identify the lessons, ideas and knowledge life has dropped on his path as past experience.

Man must be ready to enquire from life things that are unclear to him.

Life might not have a voice to speak to man, or a signage to signer to man answers to issues.

But surely life do communicate to man, by the people it made possible for him to meet on daily basis, by decisions made by him, friends or neighbours(good and wrong decisions), by the struggle and challenges man have faced, by the story of that wealthy, healthy and happy individual and more other ways life has been communicating to man.

In so many ways life is communicating to man the ideal way to relate with life.

Man mostly don’t observe. Man always want to trade with life in his own desirable way (sometimes wrong way), man mostly and some how have made it look like classroom knowledge is paramount more to any other.

I remember back then in school, when i felt reading was stressful, I even went to the extend of deciding not to set my eyes on any book even a signage after exams.

Assuming I really went through with that decision, I’m just imagining how much knowledge, skills and information I would have missed, just because I thought reading was stressful.

Then, I never knew that reading can be fun and exciting, but only when you are reading what pleases you, not what are imposed on you by a set of system. Reading the wrong thing makes reading stressful and boring.

Learn everyday

Man has to learn to learn from life.

Man has to be conscious of every moment to get the information, ideas and lessons life is communicating to him on how to relate with it (life) and be better.

Man need to trace to his past with consciousness to discover lessons life has thought him, which can serve as a reference for correction, direction and decision for his present and future.

Man has to be humble, man has to develop a teachable attitude before he can learn the great lessons life has for him.

Man need to learn everyday outside the classroom to be wiser and be better.


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