Flodymayweather & McGregor

Lesson From Flodymayweather vs MacGregor 2017 Fight.

Self Improvement

Flodymayweather & McGregor

When you make yourself teachable to life, everything in life becomes lessons for you.

As the fight went down early the day 27/8/2017 many things also went down, the whole fight was surrounded with motives and also with lessons.

Some have staked high and were expecting positive output, why some liked the vibe, the tension, the energy in fight, they just want to see the show go down.

Many, like me are looking for lessons, because every circumstances of life teaches us lessons.

Before the fight, both teams has their team and their fans. All showing their support and building up their man for the task ahead, the big fight. Many believed their man, his strength, his ability, for some what kept them attached to their man was love, they love him, they like his personality and more. Some might observe that their man don’t stand a chance to win but they still stand by him

But when the moment came it was just the men, it was just Floyd Mayweather vs MacGregor nobody easy.

Though their team, fan where around to cheer them up, but it was just them, only them are there to face the task.

What I learnt in Floyd Mayweather vs MacGregor 2017 fight.

The fans, team, friends, brother, sister, even critics won’t create your life for you, whatever you want from life, you are the only one that will be responsible for creating it.

The love, support and cheers are to encourage you.

The critics, woos and disbelieve are to discourage you.

But at the end it is just you none of all will come to the stage to fight your fight.

No friends will fight your fight for you, you have to carry your cross.

We should have in mind that the end it is just you, you only.. nobody will fight your fight no body will build your future for you.

Only you will create your own life.



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