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Nothing Can Take The Place of Persistence On Your Journey To Greatness.


Persistence always pays off, either you get rewarded for trying or challenges get tired of stopping you and probably let you go through. It’s necessary we know that we have to persist before we achieve greater things, because the ability to persist separates successful people from quitters. Though I think one of the reason why some people quite after barely started is because of wrong choice, yeah wrong choice, we make our decisions based on the current trend (if we want to open a new business we first consider the profitability of the business), and not consider our passion, ability and happiness, and once the first try don’t work we give up easily. My opinion is, do want you enjoy doing always.

Talking about getting rewarded for trying, the story of John Akhwari has a lot to teach us.

Hear his story, John Stephen Akhwari is a Tanzanian former marathon runner. He represented Tanzania at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. While John Stephen Akhwari was competing in the marathon in Mexico City, at the 19 kilometer point during the 42kilometer race, there was a strive for position between the runners in the process John was hit. He fell badly wounding his knee and dislocated his knee joint, plus his shoulder hit hard against the pavement. But he however continued running, leaping all through to the completion of the race. Out of 75 persons that have started the race 57 persons completed the race. The winner of the marathon finished in 2:20:26, John finished in 3:25:27, by that time the stadium is almost empty, and the sun was out. While officials were awarding medals, a Television crew was sent from the ceremonial ground to interview John, when they received the information that one more runner is about to finish the race.
When he crossed the finish line, cheers came from the small crowd. The wholesome message came when he was asked why he continued running despite sustaining injury at the early stage of the race, he could have just stopped it there. His respond was inspiring he said “My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start the race; they sent me 5,000 miles to finish the race” that mindset give him an Award as the best last finisher in a race. John picked his glory by finishing last, not just because he finished last but because he persisted against all odds.

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Also, many times when we try and try challenges get tired of stopping us and probably let us go and focus on the weaker vessels.

Nothing Can take the place of persistence in personal achievement not even hard work, hard work has a way of failing, but persistence can push you through. Persistence is an act of pushing forward even when everything looks impossible.



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