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Understanding Blog, Website and Other blog Related Terms

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Have you ever wondered whats is the difference between a blog and a website? Yeah, me too, I used to find it difficult telling the difference about the two term.

But, Let me briefly explain them.


Blog can be seen as a journal or diary that is kept on the Internet, this can be the simplest way to understand what blog is all about

Blog initially was used for keeping daily journal on the internet, but that was the initial intention, today it has advanced more than just sharing daily activitie, it is now used to sharing all sort of information, including marketing of products and services.


Website is made up of related web page (stayic row and column text area) which can also accommodate other types of Content, like image video, etc.

Difference between blog and website

If you find it difficult to differentiate blog from website, here are some differences to look at for

Content preview

Blog post appears in chronological order, capable of containing multiple post in a preview

Website content appears in static page, a single preview page

Content updating

Blog Content (post) are updated regularly

Website content are static and are not always updated regularly.


Blogs allows two way communication,  readers can engage and contribute by commenting there thoughts and opinions using comments tools in blog.

Websites are one way communication, at default doesn’t always comments.

Kind of Content

Blogs contain regular information and educativ post

Website contents are irregular and are always dependant of What the page is all about.


Blogs are informal in nature

Websites are formal and professional in nature.

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Other Related terms you might want to know


A blogger is a person who runs and maintain a blog. Bloggers write blog post, promote and manage blog or blogs as the case maybe.


The process of creating, writing and editing a blog content is called Blogging.

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Website manager

This is use to identify someone who maintain manage websites.

I hope this helps you to understand the two terms, if you have further questions, feel free to ask on the comments section.


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