Where Our Happiness Lies.

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As we engage in our daily activities, one thing I know from almost everybody is that we are all seeking for happiness.

Happiness is a universal commodity just like success, if there is a market offering happiness as it product or service, I believe it will never go out of business.

Everybody want to be happy irrespective of economic and social status. Irrespective of religion, culture and beliefs every persons want to be happy.

We are always seeking for happiness, we are always sourcing for it in every act we engage in every day of our life.

Some people claim to be happy, through their twits and updates they try to convince the world how happy they are. But deep down inside most of them surely they are not happy.

Some have chased money to the extreme for the sake of happiness, just to be disappointed that having money can’t guarantee them real happiness.

What is happiness? According to Psychologist happiness is an emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Contentment brings about real happiness.

Where then do our happiness lies?

Our happiness lies in being what we are.

Many of us are not what we are, we are what our parent are, what our environment, friends, religion are.

We fail to understand the fact that we represent a purpose in this environment call world. We are something.

We often use this phrase “Be yourself”, especially when counselling someone, but never understood it. To be yourself you have to know yourself, you have to discover who you are.

When you discover who you are and start living your life based on who you are, that is when through happiness will come.

Because when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing in this circle called life you will be contend and you will be happy.

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Because contentment brings about happiness.




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