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Writing tips

Since I came off age I have always dreamed of writing a book, though I never saw the possibility because I know what seem to be my capability.

Yeah, seem.. because it’s not truth, the beliefs I have about what it takes to be a writer was wrong.. I was just limited to knowledge and ideas of what it takes to be able to write, everybody can write even you.

I know am not there yet, but am improving. My grammars are wrong sometimes, my structures are poor, even after pressing the publish button on my blog when I go back to read my post I still observe errors, but at least someone can still read and understand my point, I am able to voice my opinions, someone out there can read my thoughts that is the most important thing, same is applicable to you.

Every body can write, you must not be perfect to write or start anything, you have to first start and then figure out how to improve in the process.

If everybody can figure out the right way of doing things from the onset, everybody will be successful, everybody will be doing things without stress, we will just sit down calculate the output and start the task. But since it’s not that way, that determines the difference of those who achieved positive results in life and those who did not. Those who achieved positive results in life understands that they don’t have to be all good to start any task.

There is always a first time to everything. That is what human development is all about, you start from knowing nothing to knowing little or knowing all.

We all came into the world with a sacrosanct mind and blank memory, trace back to the years you have lived and see what you have learned in those years.

Before a year or so of your life you have learnt how to sit up without being supported, as time goes you learnt to crawl, walk, run, talk, jump, dance, sing, write and other skills you now know. None of all these was was perfected in your first attempt, neither is the ability to perform those acts injected in your gene.

You came to perfection in them because you tried at first you didn’t get it right, you didn’t quite you tried and tried, before perfecting them.

That is life for you, in everything in life there is room for improvement, so is it in writing.

Don’t deny the world your own ideas and opinions of how things could be done better.

If great men and woman in the holy books, great philosophers and ideologies that has lived didn’t write down there observation, opinions, thoughts and ideas, you and I won’t enjoy the modern civilization, technology and intelligence we are enjoying today. Because our modern world is built and is still building on there ideas and opinions.

That is why in school you are still studying there principles which was then, barely what they felt and thought was the right thing and they simply wrote it down.

Have this mind, don’t feel you are writing for the whole world, focus on stating your opinion, educating an individual, helping just one person. If one person agrees with your idea it means you are really not insane, it simply means you are reasonable enough.

There are more than7billion people in the world not every body will validate your opinion, your idea or thoughts, even great old schoolers there principles have today been thwarted and modify.

Just like in psychology Wilhelm Wundt has his ideology so is Sigmund Freud, William James, Ivan Pavlov and other great philosophers in psychology, but they all have one thing in common, they meant good for the practice of psychology and humanity.

You can do the same writing with the intention of helping and improving humanity.

You must not start with long article like this or blog post or a column in magazine or newspaper, writer as brief as you can, were you can and in the level of understanding you can. the social media is there use it, get a notepad, just write… contribute to the growth of intelligence.

If this generation don’t find it useful, next generation will.

Share your thoughts, ideas and opinions the world needs it.


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