Just write

50 Words A Day Is Enough To Make You A Great Writer.

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Just write

If there is any way to be better in anything, that way should be to start that thing. This is also applicable in writing, the only way to become a writer is to start writing, the only to overcome writing blocks is to start writing, the only way to write a book is to start writing.

Don’t let Word count determine what, when and how you have to write or publish. You can start with a quote a day, your thoughts within a time, your opinion at current happening, your ideas on a solution to a previous, current and future problem.

You can start with hundred, fifty, twenty or less of words a day, but the truth is, if you are aspiring like me to be a great writer (if actually am qualified by any established standard to be called a writer) though I don’t care I just see myself as one, and the feeling motivates me a lot, so if you are aspiring to be a writer the only way to achieve that dream is to start writing, write as often as you can, no matter how little your wordings are, just write. That is just a simple truth, just write.

It gets better in the process, not just better, it gets easier.

Before now, I never saw the possibility of me producing 300 to 400 hundred words 5 to 6 days in a week, it was then impossible until someone passed the idea that I’m passing to you now, that is to just write, I tried it and it worked. Don’t look at the word count, don’t look at the time, just write.

Write your ideas, Write your opinion, Write your thoughts, Write your passion, Just write.