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Don’t Let The Boos Hinder The Woohoo In You.

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Don't listen

As You journey through life you will experience lot of things, good and bad days, nice and bad people, critics and appreciation, you will experience boos and critics, but at the end what will matter is how you deal with every moment of these experiences, how effective are you going to make use of every moment you experience.

The boos are the disbelieve, Criticize and discontent.

The woohoos are the good stuff in you.

Not everyone will validate your opinion, ideas or your personality, and your opinion should not be made for everyone.

There are billions of people out there with different ideology, beliefs and opinions, there will always be boos, people will criticize even to the common thing about you or what they observe.

Sometimes it happens that they don’t like the change happening around you, they don’t like the fact that you are thinking different, or looking better, or living better, or leaving them behind, or you don’t believe in what they believe, or you don’t support what they support, or you preach different faith, or you chase different course, there are many reasons why they will want to boo life out of you.

But it’s ok, Criticism is part of the journey. You don’t have to let it determine your decisions or actions rather learn from it, for it offers you the opportunity to learn from people, the way they think and react to some issues of life.

Boos has existed from the time of old. From the days of Moses to the days of Jesus Christ down to the present day, people have been booing, your current president has critics, there are people booing the hire out of him…even the president of United State of America.

I do wonder, in the world of sports, what if match officials (Referee) listens to all the complains, reactions and boos from players, coach and fans during matches what would be the outcome of their decisions, definitely they will be disorganized to an uncontrollable state. But they don’t, what they do is they ignore all the boos, then focus, act and make decisions based on the rules of the game they are officiating.

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Have in mind that the boos are out there already, they will come to you when they notice you, and you will be noticed when change start occurring in, within and outside you.

Sometimes Boos are evident that you are doing something right while sometimes it’s an evident that you need a change, you just need to identify what message the boos and critics is bring to you, but whatever the case maybe let the process to your purpose determine your decisions not the boos or critics.

So ignore the boos and critics but learn from them, focus on the core rules…what you are, your value and where you are going and keep on living according to your rules.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Boos Hinder The Woohoo In You.

  1. Chucks, I agree with you regarding that boos are indicators that you are doing something right. Usually when we do something extraordinary or out of the norm, that turns heads and sometimes envy, haters and more. The best thing is to keep going and ignore the haters. Thankyou for your article.

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