Finding Your Life Purpose.

Finding Your Life Purpose.


Your purpose

If there is one thing I believe, that is that we are all here for a purpose. That God didn’t put us here to use and enjoy phone, cars, and more of these beautiful things out there created by someone who lived his purpose without us creating or helping out in any way in life.

So with this I believe one of the reasons of our earthly pilgrimage is to make the world a better place in what ever way, and that is what I point to be the PURPOSE of every mankind.

For you to maximize your existence and potentials in this circle called life, your mission has to be in rhythm with your core purpose, as it’s to life, so it’s to business.

Purpose is not what we choose to be, it’s where life lead us to. it’s not a definite aim, it’s a decision.

We can’t choose what our life be in the next minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years but we can choose how it will be or how it will look like.

In my primary level of education, age 10, Miss blessing my teacher then will once in awhile call up everyone, she will ask Emma what do you want to be in future? Guess what use to be my respond.. I want to be a pilot.. funny right, yeah that was always my respond, same to other student some will say Pilot, Doctors, Lawyer and more other look nice careers. But now, just like most of classmates then, am not near in any way to that profession, in fact that time the next challenge of life took away that stupendous dream of me being a pilot, I didn’t even fight for it. Even recent days I have tried asking my little nephews same question, their own case is even more funnier than my, when I ask them today, they will say some thing like doctor, when i ask again probably a week after, they will reply football…. ha but last week I asked the same question, you said you want to be a doctor… uncle I want to be doctor and football.. laughing. It’s always very interesting asking then about what they want to be in the future. Our purpose in life is not what we choose to be, but were life lead us.

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By the year 2011, after some issues and challenges, I left the business world I have been living for about four years, and decided to go to school and get a Degree or Diploma, took the necessary exams hopefully all worked out, I headed to study marketing just after two years in school I discovered that am no more interested in schooling…why, I don’t know, maybe experience, knowledge and life made it so. But purpose is not a definite aim, it’s a decision.

Purpose is all about observing all tools life has deposited in your hands by the help of time and experience and deciding what problem you will use the tools to solving.

Many are willing, praying and always asking for there purpose in life, can’t really tell if they will ever get answers or their prayers answered. But to find your purpose you have to be positive, you have to love your creator and humanity, you have to be humble enough to learn from every sources around you, including your child and you have to act, do anything you can with what you have to please your God and uplift humanity, then watch life with all its endowment lead you to that moment you will make that decision of what you want to contribute to life.


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