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How To Setup Website or Blog With WordPress

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WordPress is one of the largest website platforms on the internet, it’s a content management system (CMS) meaning it’s editable. WordPress is designed for people with little or no coding skills, I became so much interested in it because of its flexibility, acceptability and easy to use features.

The platform offers a lot of free features that can enhance your functions and experience on the internet. Even though there are paid functions available, for a beginner,  the free tools available can lunch your website or blog to the internet.

In previous posts, I have to some extent discussed Domain name and registration, Webhosting, and other related topics like what we need to know before buying a domain name and hosting plan for website or blog.

If you have decided to build online platform with WordPress, you also need to choose a company to register or host your site, preferable company that has one-click button WordPress installation in their Cpanel, this makes it easier for you to have your WordPress website or blog set up.

You can check out whogohost or Bluehost they can offer both services registration and hosting.

When you host company with one-click WordPress installation button all you will need are credentials and information and your website or blog will be up and running within a few minutes.

After you have paid for a hosting package, the company creates a Cpanel account through which you can access and manage your website or blog, from the Cpanel admin you can install your WordPress.

To install WordPress;

In your Cpanel admin page scroll down to the Software/Services section, and click the Softaculous link, if your hosting company have softaculous installer, it may offer other installers. From the list of all the web package, the installer offers select WordPress to install your website or blog.

After you Click on WordPress in the installer section some sets of information about WordPress will be shown next is to click on the Install link above the header to start the installation.

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Next, enter some information about your site. Softaculous (or your installer) will automatically fill in default settings, but if you choose to customize them you can do that.

On the top of the page choose the domain you want to use for your WordPress site, which is the one you have registered unless you are using a free domain.

Then select what directory to install WordPress on, by default, it will install yourdomain.com/wp, but if you wish for your yourdomain.com to go directly to WordPress, then leave the field blank.

Next, enter a name and description for your site.

Next, enter the administrative username, password, and email. You can use the generate password button to generate a more secure password.

If your settings seem ok to you, enter your email in the bottom field under the Install button.

Finally, click Install, you will get a congratulatory message that your WordPress website or blog has installed.

Next, to access your WordPress admin from where you can configure and perfect other settings to your taste, use the link directory you selected during installation e.g (yourdomain.com/admin) and input your username and password. From the back of your Admin, you can start updating your post, upload images, video, graphics and configure your site to your teast.

If there are part of this steps you don’t understand please let me know in the comment section.


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