Humility the key to knowledge

Humility Is The Gateway To Knowledge.

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Humility the key to knowledge

Knowledge is the key to success in all ramifications of definition of success. In any way you want or intend to define success, knowledge is the key. You can’t live or act more than what you know. There is no doubt that the quality or level of our life’s depend on the level of our knowledge.

But there is one thing that limit the level of knowledge we acquire, that is Ego. Ego, lack of humility limits our learning ability. .

It’s difficult to mellow down and allow a child to teach us what we don’t know, we will want to uphold our respect our dignity, probably the child is the one you have been scolding for misbehaving, it will be shameful for you to admit your inability in front of him/her, we always don’t want to loss our respect especially in the front of those we expect it from. It’s difficult to accept that we are wrong to or in the presence of someone who is below our age level.

Actually that is what limits our ability to learn or acquire knowledge, it can be called lack of Humility. As human and with societal ideology that nothing useful can be found in the common place or lower class of being, we personally lock the door of knowledge and write on it, nothing useful here.

The facts is that more and useful knowledge can be acquired from the common place and from the lowest being, I have read and hear great achievers testify to this, I have sit and watch my little nephews and nieces teach me great lessons that no higher institution of learning can teach me, all because I have being observant, more because I have asked questions, most because I have asked them to teach me.

To acquire important and useful knowledge you must be humble enough to learn from the common ground or place and lower being, that is why Christ admonished his followers to be as humble and milk as children to inherit God’s kingdom.

By experience I have experienced how humility can aid man to acquire useful knowledge and probably know more than he knows. As an instructor in a computer institute, i have observed that students often ask questions far away from what you know, if you are someone who value your Egotism more than knowledge you will always shy away from there questions and in some sort of ways talk and discourage them from asking questions. My best method on being humble to learn more, was by admitting not know about there questions but promise to research and get back to them the next day, it requires a lot of humility to do this, if teachers can adopt to this method it will really save antagonism from students to teachers or via verse, create trust and respect between students and teachers and enhance learn in institutions of learning, .

In this process, admitting your inability doesn’t take away the knowledge you already have, rather it creates more opportunities and channels for you to learn more, it doesn’t belittle you, it helps you to grow more, to know what you don’t know.

“Humility is not thinking yourself less, it’s thinking less of yourself” _Rick Warren

Humility surely is the gateway or rather the narrow way to gathering knowledge, and only few can travel through that way. I wise you become one of the few.

Be humble to learn more.


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