Keep pushing

Important of Persistence In Achieving Your Desires.

Self Improvement

Keep pushing

Human always desire for a better life, we want that good stuff which we don’t have in certain period in life, since the journey of life is a continuous process, human will continue wanting.

Though purpose, lifestyle and desires might be different, but there are principles one must not neglect in the course of him or her pursuing his or her desires (definite aim), one of this principle is persistence.

Persistence is simply continuity. Persistence consist continuation in action or opinion despite difficulties, challenges and oppositions.

The principle of persistence in achieving desire can be clearly understood in human developmental process. A kid learning to walk, moves that first step and fall and he tries again and again until he masters the move, then he walks comfortably and can even run. If he had ever given up after the first fall, he will always think that it’s impossible to walk and his desire to walk would have been unrealistic.

If you are a sport lover, In the world of sport you will clearly understand that any sportsman who has attended greater hight in any sport activity were probably among the average few years ago. But by the principle of persistence, by always showing up in train, wanting to still play after recovery from an injury and all that, they attended the hight of greatness and some their desires achieved.

Desire will show you the picture, persistence will create the picture.

Showing up every time, even when it’s not comfortable is the key to attending greater hight. That is the only way to achieve that grooming desire.

When you start that task with great enthusiasm and day in day out the vibe start dropping down, maybe due to lack of encouragement or compensation, you start feeling unwilling, unmotivated to continue, that is the real time to keep showing up, that is how it should be, it’s not suppose to be rosy. If the journey to the top is smooth and fun everybody will be there.

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Persistence is the only way to have that body shaped, that book written, that opinion had, that task completed, that skills learnt, that profession practiced, that idea developed, that mark made and also that definite chief aim achieved.

Sometimes discouragement comes as to taste our ability to carry and manage the outcome of what we so desire for.

Every achievement has a price tag, in most cases persistence is the only price needed to be paid to achieve desirable aim.

So keep showing up, don’t lose faith.


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