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It’s always a good idea for someone to leverage his or her ideas, knowledge and skills for what he or she doesn’t have.

This seems to be the ideal way of making a living, Using what you have to get what you don’t have. I believe on this too.. Yeah, make a living (but I wish for you to be successful not barely making a living)

Recently I observed that nobody is ready to enquire or seek for your services if they don’t know or see what you are capable of, in product they want to see samples, in services they want to see ability and capability.

These gives reason why you should give out, share that knowledge ideas and skills you have. Show the world what you are capable of before you demand from them equivalent to your value, if they don’t know your value they will under value you and probably think you are an opportunist. If it’s product show them samples, if it’s problems help solve them, if it’s skills let them know how willing you are to help out, share what you have. First build trust.

Also know that in life another way to know more than you already know is to teach or share what you know, because in the course of sharing, you will encounter issues that are not clear to you which will force you to research and know more.

It’s certain, some knowledge, ideas and skills you have will not benefit you, you will not used or maximize them, because we might not have the time, ability and capability to make appropriate use of them. Not all information, ideas and skills are yours some are shown to you to help someone easy understand it more better.

It will be unfair to let an idea that could have gotten life from another person die within you, because you are being stingy or selfish to sharing what God has envisioned to you.

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Probably, you are scared that when you give out the information skills and ideas you will no longer have a leverage to obtain from the world the resources you need to live, that could be truth anyway if you are not a student to live. If you are a student to live, you will clearly understand that from where ever you get that knowledge, skills and ideas you have there is more. Intelligence are unlimited, my experience have thought me that the more you seek to know, the more source to learn are open to you.

Before now I use to wonder why the internet is full of useful information, I never knew many already understand the principle of sharing what ever they know to benefit humanity, doing more than paid for.

Note: If your intention is to make a living with information, ideas and skills you can hoard them. But if your intention is to be great (successful) with information, ideas and skills just share them.


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