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Your Past Life Is Leading You Somewhere

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Past life

I still vividly remember some of my childhood experience, the life I lived, the up bringing I had, the interest, the motives and intentions I had those days.

If am given the chance, I will lived them again not because I enjoyed all of it, but because I now see that I missed out a lot, I would have learnt much because those past life contained lessons that would have made more meaning to me today, I would have had the chances to learn in practice ground and with young mind more on issues of life.

Actually I don’t regret in anyway, because the life I have lived for the past 25 years are now producing more knowledge and wisdom for me, despite most of them were lived unconsciously.

Our past life are lessons, not lesson preserved for certain people but to you and for everyone. Just like in the academic world, lectures and texts and exams prepares you to receive that Degree, so is your past life preparing you to somewhere which no one knows not, where no one, even yourself has no clear preview of but which you must go. We don’t know what our ten years from now will look like but we have the power to predict how it will look.

So many times you have changed course in life, probably from one business to another, from one life discipline to another, from one college course to another, from one relationship to another, from one belief to another, from one religion to another, from one skills to another, from one location to another, from one look to another, from one decision to another, and more other aspects in life.

We make these changes sometimes consciously while sometimes unconsciously.

Even though it seems to contradict the act of continuity in the series of habit one must possess to achieve success (success based on what one believe to be success), I still believe one must answer to these calls of change in one time or the other in his or her earthly pilgrimage.

Since all our past life is leading us to somewhere, and by the gift of freedom of thought we can chose our thought and make certain decisions, it’s necessary we think out how we want our future to look like before making these changes.

You should approach every situation that requires decisions with positive reasoning, putting into consideration the future, your well being and good intentions for humanity.

Just as soar relationship will bring hatred,anger and more other disrespectful attitude, it also gives opportunity to be better, it also avail lessons of incompetence, inability and individual differences which can be studied and learned from.

Just like lack of money can lead someone to robbery and other related crime, it can also lead someone to creative thought that can bring about idea that can create monetary value.

Approach every changing situation in your life with positive mentality.

Not only should you approach every situation that requires decisions with positive reasoning, putting into consideration the future, your well being and good intentions for humanity, you should also appreciate every moment you have lived for they are path you must travel to reach that destination you are heading to.

You should be grateful, your past life have thought you things that won’t work and things that will work, things that are bad and things that are good, rewards for good deeds and bad deeds, approach of men and there intentions, ideas that will work and those that won’t, important of knowing what others don’t know, important of being educated, perception of beauty, ideology of people, beliefs and doctrine of people, geographic locations, climate changes, abilities and there usefulness, problems of men or women, expectations of human, and more than lessons your past life has thought you.

It’s important you make the most positive use of all these lessons and regret not of anything, rather be glad you have tools to work with in creating a better future for yourself and making the world a better place.

Appreciate your past, use the tools of knowledge and wisdom it’s has given you and positively design future.


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