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Quantity Creates Quality.

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Quantity content

Maybe you are waiting for the day you will write a perfect piece, the day you will hit a node, the day you will create a perfect art, or the day you will perform an extraordinary act, maybe you are waiting for the day or moment you will really make sense in your own opinion, thoughts, ideas on an articles or posts before you hit the publish button. Maybe these are the days you are always waiting for, before you put yourself out there.

Actually these days might come but the issue is that, if you keep on waiting for these days or moments, it might not actually come, or rather you might be disappointed, because what you perceive to be reasonable might really not be reasonable to everyone, to the world… yeah, that is a honest truth.

The best way to really create quality stuff is to create quantity stuff..

You might not make sense every time or sound reasonable to everyone at all time but you might actually make sense to one person or two on timely or daily basses and maybe by the help of compound interest your opinion, thoughts or ideas goes viral, or some day that article or post you felt reluctant to publish might just hit a node.

The issue is that focusing on quality will limit your productive capacity, because you will want to put in more time, energy and resources to make up something, something sometimes that might not be seen as quality by everyone.

My opinion here is not disregarding quality, but the truth is that you don’t really know what has quality until you put it out there for people to see and validate.

If you are reasonable enough to think out solutions, opinion or ideas, write it out, put it out there, hit that publish button on your blog, social media or wherever.

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You just need keep showing up maybe for the seek of your future, or maybe not to disappoint someone out there who is waiting patiently to read your stuff, or maybe because you don’t have all the capacity to give those ideas of yours life, or maybe your opinion can save or make the world a better place or maybe you need to create a path way just like great men before you have done, which your coming generation will follow through to there own destination… Or maybe you want to make money doing what you love doing .

I don’t know which reason is reasonable enough for you, but whichever it’s, for you to achieve it you need to keep creating content (quantity) content, you need to keep showing up.


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