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Recently i developed interest in writing. After benefiting a lot in terms of knowledge and skills from people offline and online via books, articles and videos, I saw reasons why It’s necessary we all write, I saw reasons why we all need to share our experience, ideas and opinions to the entire world.

By reading someone book or post out there I have gained a lot, my beliefs are solidifying, my skills upgrading, more knowledge and ideas are opening up for me. I thought of it that this couldn’t have happened if someone didn’t produce those content, if someone didn’t write those content I wouldn’t have had privilege of enjoying them.

I also thought about how I was able to read opinions, ideas and teachings of people that has lived far back before I was born, this prompt me to look back at my early life, I discovered that I had no written reference to my past experience except the blur memories I still remember.

Also thinking, what if they didn’t write how would I have known there opinions, ideas and teachings that is helping me and the entire world live better.

We have being reading stories of people from the holy books to ordinary books, there opinions, ideas and teaching, how it has serve the world for thousands years and still serving. How would this have happened, what would have been of the world if these great people of the past didn’t share their wisdom.

Looking at the important of writing from different perspective is capable of creating more ideas and reasons for you to write. I know the major consideration of people before undertaking any task is the rewards for there skills, ideas and opinions, how will they benefit from what they do.

Sure, you need the money, every body wants the reward, we all deserve the benefits of our efforts, but taking a different look at things from the perspective people give less attention has proven to produce more value to the individual and the world entirely, because great ideas are found in areas were people give less attention.

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Writing has made wisdom and knowledge of old available for modern society, by reading people’s story, you learn from there experience. By reading people’s skills you upgrade your skills. By reading people’s opinions your opinion too are sharpen. By reading people’s ideas, more ideas are created.

If you write about your experience, someone can read it and learn lessons

If you write about the skills you know, someone can learn from it.

If you write about your opinion or ideas, someone can pickup facts and modify his/her own opinion or idea.

When you write, not just that you help solve solution in the current moment in the world, you also leave behind thoughts, stories, opinions and ideas that can serve your generation and generation to come

Man has a responsibility to make the world which he lives a better place, he need to contribute to the advancement of intelligence, with his personal experience through life, he can achieve all this if he writes every of his knowledge, ideas and opinions for the world to read.


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