Improve your weakness

Our Strength Grows Out Of Our Weaknesses

Self Improvement

Improve your weakness

As a kid we were educated on how to live, morals and so.. we were thought not to make mistakes, our parent and guidance in there moral capacity admonished us on things to do and things not to do and in some cases we are given guidelines on how to engage in some activities that we are supposed to engage in, when we go against some of these guidelines or do anything that seem to be dangerous or harmful to us or our environment at large we got beaten or punished.

Our parent or guidance might be right anyway, we shouldn’t make mistakes, we should always be careful of every of our actions.

Off course, as a kid we don’t understand the detriment of our actions, the danger and harm our acts can course us and probably people around us. So when you look at it from this perspective you will see the important of parents or guidance admonishing there little ones on how to live.

But for full developed mind, an individual whom has developed full reasoning capacity the case should be different, our weaknesses, mistakes should be seen as a stepping stone to more higher experience in life, to grow our strength.

Weaknesses are your inability.

Your weaknesses should be an opportunity to develop the strength you need to lead your life.

If you can learn from your inability, mistakes, misconduct or probably learn what you don’t know your strengths will definitely grow.

As it’s possible for us to think into actions any act, it’s also possible for us to learn any act we lack ability to perform.

You should know that human is the most intelligent species in the world. We have the capacity to develop, to grow to some an extent in physical and infinite in intelligence.

So, if you are observed to be weak in skills, learn new skills.

If you are observed to be weak in reading and writing, learn how to read and write.

If you are observed to be weak in your health, take healthy measures.

If you do something and reasonably observe that it was not right, learn from the experience, what can not work, what’s wrong, what’s right, why it can’t work, how it can be done better and make amends if necessary. By simply observing and taking notes of your actions your strengths are already growing in the term of knowledge.

The tips here is observe your weakness, learn and improve in any way necessary, your strengths will grow.


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