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Teach What You Know To Know More.

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Teach to learn

This could actually be called a principle, because it can be tested and validated, the principle of teaching what you know to know more can be proved.

One of the main reasons I decided to write or publish my thoughts, ideas and opinions almost everyday (..I really want to make it an article a day but some sort of distraction keep coming up but I am seriously working on it…) One of the reasons is to learn more on the things I feel or think I know or believe in and to me it’s really working.

I have learnt more on blogging by simply writing about blogging tips, I have learnt more on writing by simply writing about writing tips, so is personal development, I have learnt some principles and I have been exposed to ideas and thoughts that has given me a new look, a new perspective about life and am loving it, and also am getting validation that my writings are reasonable enough, from the comments in my blog and other social media platforms I observed that.

One thing about teaching what you know to know more is it prompt you to research, to study and discover more on things related to what you already know, which is actually how knowledge develop.

I have practical experience of the act of teaching what you know to know more from my previous job as a system engineer and computer instructor in an institute.

Actually the motive of the job was to earn a pay check not really to validate the principle of teaching what you know to know more, but since our past hold for us lessons we can learn from to champion our future, the lesson in that experience was the ground were I personally validated the act of teaching what you know to know more.

Here is the story, by end of 2012 I have just finished my Diploma program in Computer (system) Engineering and Networking, happy with my new skill I decided to move to a new city to chase my dreams, arriving at my new location I sorted for a job related to the new skills I have acquired, by the help of a family friend and other intervention I secured a position as a System Engineer in a computer institute, though the job was based on trust and recommendation not by experience.

The job also imposed to me the responsibility of teaching System engineering, Computer Applications and Computer operations.

Being enthusiastic to practice my new skill and offer my best service, i got evolved in the process, being a fresher in the field of teaching or instructing it was  really challenging and demanding for me, because I have to teach people, some which are 2 times my age, some more smarter, eloquent and intelligent than me.

With a curriculum standards to meet up to, it was really a big challenge. I sincerely apologies to my first sets of students because feel I did not give them all the knowledge they deserve, but with no regrets we all enjoyed our classes, I was respected, trusted and appreciated, and more importantly we were all learning together, me the instructor and them the student.

Taking up that job was a great experience for me even though it was challenging initially, I only had basic knowledge on the task am supposed to cover, but with the opportunity and determination I had, I was able to know more and even advance my skills.

All this was possible because I thought the little I knew, on the process I saw areas I lacked strength which are made available by the questions and opinions from every lecture I have offered and most importantly I initiated method to approach my students (that really saved me lots of embarrassment and gave me more respect).

I won’t have gone above average (not sure if am above average anyway) but I won’t have known what I knew now if I didn’t teach the little I knew then.

The truth is that when you teach what you know, you tend to know more, you will be bombarded with questions or sometimes come across misunderstood phrase, clause or word that will prompt you to study or research more, or naturally you might want to be up to dated in the areas you teach or offer opinions about to other people, because you want your audience to have the right information or knowledge, this is how knowledge builds up.

This is why employees will always look for working experience when hiring workers, because they believe if someone has been into a system for a certain amount of time he or she will know and understand more about that system, this is applicable to teaching what you know to know more, when you immerse yours into any system or topic you know more about that system and topic. All sorts of teachers knows this principle, and it’s what I called the principle of teaching what you know to know more.


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