Tips On WordPress Plugin, Installation and Configuration.

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When it comes to WordPress as a content management system for hosting site or blog the most common feature you will have to deal with is plugins. In this post, we will look at most prevailing questions people ask about plugins in connection with WordPress.

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What Is Plugins?

Plugins are external programs that may be installed in a Content management system like WordPress to enhance or create additional functions. It extends and expands the functionality of content management systems.

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How Does WordPress Plugins Work?

WordPress, a Content Management system has open links that allow a third party to create a program (like an application) that can be integrated into it, for the purpose of enhancing and improving the platform. Other content management system have this features too, but the focus of this post is on specifically for WordPress.

Must I Use WordPress Plugins?

A default WordPress installation can host or serve your website or blog, but for you to maximize, beautify and optimize your website or blog you will need few plugins to make that possible.

How Much Should I Budget For My WordPress Plugins?

There are thousands of Plugins out there, the good news is that there are also cool free version of some of these plugins. Many of the company or individual that creates plugins offer their Plugins for free but with limited features. What plugins programmer do is that they released their plugins for free with limited features. When you use the Plugins and see the usefulness of it and probably observe the advantage the premium version will offer,  you might want to subscribe or buy the pay version of the plugins, then they make their money.

Who Can Create WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins can be created or programmed by anybody, all you need is to learn the required programming language and then follow the rules and guidelines highlight by WordPress community to create your WordPress Plugins. You can check out to know more about becoming a WordPress Plugins programmer at

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How Do I Install Plugins In My WordPress?

There are two ways you can install WordPress Plugins on your website or blog

The first method of installing plugins.

>Google or search and download the Plugins you want to install if you programmed it by yourself make sure it’s saved in the right format (.zip).
>login to your WordPress admin.
>click on plugin, next click on add new, next click on upload plugin.
>click on choose a file.
>navigate to the location where your plugin is saved on your device and select your plugin.
>click on install for your plugin to be installed.
This method can be used in a local server mode (localhost) and online mode (internet)

The second method of installing plugins.

This method enables you to automatically install plugins from WordPress directory (WordPress directory are where WordPress plugins programmers upload there Plugins to make it easier for users to access it), this must be done in an online mode (internet connection) here are few steps to do that:
>login to your WordPress admin.
>click on plugin, next click on add new.
>search and select the plugin you want to install.
>click install to install your plugin

NOTE: at default WordPress allows you to install or upload files below 2mb, so if you have file or media that are more than 2mb you might find it default to upload or install them, but there’s a way to go about uploading and installing media or file more than 2mb.

How do I Setup and Configure My Plugins?

There are no specific steps to configuring Plugins, Plugins are different in functions and layout, all you need to do is access the plugin, if it’s deactivated, activate it and read through the guidelines and set it up the way you want it to serve you.
NOTE: when you install plugins by default it will always be deactivated, you need to activate it before it can start working.

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To activate your plugin:
>login to your WordPress admin.
>click on plugin
>locate the plugin you want to activate and click on activate.
>Take the same steps and click on deactivate to deactivate plugins

What other questions do you have about WordPress plugins? drop your questions on the comment section below.


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