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What Does Success Mean To You.

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Success story

Success is the most desired and talked about, as commodity in terms of business, it’s something every body want. But regardless of the high demand rate of it, I feel many still misunderstood what it really is or rather have a definition of it that does not suit their existence, which cause them to measure success wrongly.

The truth is that, there is no universal definition for success because, as I now understood it, success isn’t a static goal it is a feeling. And the strength of this feeling is dependent on how closely we are living according to our values, current goals, vision and purpose.

Definitions of Success
Here are how my mobile dictionary defines success

1. Something which happens as a consequence; the outcome or result. (here they said this is obsolete)

2. The achievement of one’s aim or goal.

3. In Business success is defined as  financial profitability.

4. The fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.

The above definitions shows that success is not all about the financial aspect which many believe it to be. To a business body or person, yes… it might mean all about the financial profitability but to a family it might be different, maybe happiness.

Define Success By Your Own Term.

Two individuals, not even identical twins can’t have same definition of success. To some it’s all about the money, some it’s the fame, some it’s the respect they have gained, some it’s the achievement in goals, some it’s helping people out, some it’s achieving a certain academic status, some it’s having a happy family, some it’s when they are living there purpose while some it’s when rendering useful service to the world.

In whatever way one choose to define success, it should be from individual state of being, what you are, who you are and where you are going, it should be personalize, this helps to measure it accurately and appreciate progress.

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If you define success from the status of the richest men in the world (even though many of them have there definitions of success apart from their finances and fame), you may never feel successful because you might not attain the level of fame or financial success they have achieved.

Define success in a way it makes meaning only to you and remember that success is not static, rather it’s dynamic and a state of feeling.


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