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Have you ever started writing and some thoughts start popping up in your head..

Do I have the authority or knowledge to write about this issue or topic.

Or are people really going to read this stuff.

Or won’t people critics me for writing about this issue or topic.

Or won’t people think am acting as if I know it all..

Or will they even believe me since I don’t have any scientific or physical evidence, if not just the believe and thought I have in my head.

These are thoughts that causes writing blocks, it might be truth that you don’t have supreme authority or solid knowledge to write about an issue or topic.

It might be truth that people are not going to read your stuff.

For sure many if not all, will critics you or rather will not pay attention to the stuffs you are writing.

Many will also think that you are acting too intelligent or smarter than all.

20%, 50%, 99% if not 100% will not believe you, especially when you write about something and you don’t have evidence to prove it (like writing about success when you don’t even have an model Mercedes Benz to show off) the world needs evidence you should know that, that is why book on how to get rich written by Warren Buffett will sell out more than the one written by you even though your own contain better get rich quick tips, so don’t blame anybody for not giving you the attention you are expecting.

These are some things that causes writing blocks and good reasons why you should change your focus to whom you write for, don’t write for everybody, not everybody needs your opinion, why not write for that close pal of yours whom you know believe and trust your opinions, who is willing to listen to you even when you are not making sense. To many, this kind of person don’t exist.

Ok, why not write for yourself… yeah, write for yourself. How will you feel now if you read any of your opinion, ideas or thoughts written five to ten years ago? here is how I think you will feel, you will feel good, inspired, sometimes you will laugh at it and sometimes it will prompt you to think more.

You may ask how I was able to know this…. yeah I was able to know this through Facebook, when I look at memory of my pass shared by Facebook in my timeline sometimes I laugh at it, sometimes it prompt me to think of my experience when I wrote the post, sometimes it inspires me to think more creatively.

I know these Facebook memories does same to many people, even though they are not conscious about it.

So you can write as if you are writing for yourself, you may not publish it or you may publish it anyway, who knows one soul can be saved, an idea given life, or a thinking pattern changed or a reason to laugh bestowed on someone. You may make sense to two persons, that is yourself and one faithful reader out there.



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