How Far Are You Willing To Go For Your Dreams?

Self Improvement


Everyone have dreams, just as everyone dream real dream, I mean the one you dream when you are sleeping, we all have dreams, dreams we dream when we are awake.

For many it’s a plan, some it’s a desire, others it’s a wish.

But always, they have one thing in common, they are all about good stuffs.

Good things like, the place we want live.

The house we want to live in.

The cars we want to drive.

The money we want to make.

The relationship we want to have.

The man or woman we want to have in our life.

Or Whatever…

Or maybe it’s not just all about yourself, maybe it’s about the entire world, the hope of better, peaceful, lovely, conducive place for all mankind, maybe it’s about a new way of doing things better, a new technology, a new idea or whatever.

I don’t know which is it for you, I don’t know your dream, I don’t know your night or day time dream, but what I know is that whatever it’s you have to or need to work for it or work it.

I don’t know what it requires from you, maybe to quit your job,

maybe get a college degree or quite college.

Maybe to skip some hour at night.

Maybe to get a second job.

Maybe to learn new skill.

Maybe to start writing.

Maybe to put in more hours into your job.

Maybe to trust him or her.

Maybe to believe more on yourself.

Or Whatever it maybe.

Which ever it’s that your dream requires from you, you need to or have to let it have it.. in full package.

You really need to go far for your dream, for it to really have real life.

You might want to inquire from dreamers what it took them to give their dreams life, dreamers like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, The Wright Brothers, Bill Graham and many more.

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Dreams are hope of the world, dreamers are pillars of modern civilization.

Your life is counting on your dream, so is the world.

Now the question still remains, How far are you willing to go for your dreams?


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