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The Joy of Discovering Yourself

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Discover yourself

I have never felt this way in all my entire life, or maybe I have, but seriously I can’t remember. I feel so fulfilled. I don’t know what brought about the feeling anyway.

Is not like I won a lottery, or that Nigeria and Argentina recent qualification to Russia 2018 World Cup won me a sporting bet.. not really.

Maybe it’s because of the new way I have found to release the noise that always go on in my head, the way I have found to speak my mind share my thoughts, ideas and opinions and also instruct, maybe it’s the passion I have developed for writing.

Or maybe it’s the love from my dearest family, great people who are there for me and are willing to support me, even when i appear to be a liability, it’s rare to have these sort of people in your life, maybe that is really the reason why am feeling this fulfilled.

Or maybe It’s because I know someone out there loves me, and at the same time believes in me, when I say love, not just common love, but romantic one, maybe that someone will not be …enough to say it out, but who ever is that someone just know i love you too from the depth of my heart.. actually this is not a love post, or poem or whatever. But who knows, maybe that is the reason why I feel this way.

But whatever it’s I just love the feeling I just wish it doesn’t go away, because I love it…

And I love the fact that I now write, this is my seven post in seven days, one each day and I have decided to continue with this trend so help me God.

Maybe actually I have discovered myself, maybe this is what I was born to do, to write stuffs.

But many times am kind of skeptical, because I have started many things and didn’t finish, and many are still hanging in the pipeline, I shouldn’t have written about that, about stuffs that didn’t work. But anyway I did, just wanted to let you know that I have failed in many ways, but this time around I will work to maintain this feeling and do what I have to do today, to make sure that me and that someone and the rest of the family have a better life tomorrow, or next tomorrow or whenever.

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But I wish you discover yourself, I wish you find out that act that gives you joy. Here is what it’s like… it’s like God showing you your future and you seeing how bright it’s and at the same time he shows you the obstacles to overcome to get there… and you will be like God if it’s this bright future am seeing, I will do anything positive have it. Isn’t that cool?

But if you have discovered yourself, stick to that self, just know that it takes time and i don’t no how long, I would have told you, but it might take time. Another thing, Don’t expect that external validation all you need is internal validation… the external validation might not come, rather rejection and criticism will come first, but if you believe in it and your mind is telling you this it, stick to it, even though it’s not clear enough. I don’t know how it will happen for you but one thing I know is that it get clearer, better in the process, and also fun comes in later too.


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