Things I don’t Like To Hear, Especially From The Invisible Me.

Self Improvement

Self image

There are things I don’t like to hear from people, not to say of hearing from the invisible me.

First I don’t always like to hear people talking about hell, I was surprised as I was typing this, hell wasn’t in my dictionary, I just discovered because the word hell didn’t spell check as i write.

But seriously I hate to here people talk about hell especially when they associate it with preaching the Gospel, I don’t know why, maybe because I prefer to hear about heaven.

Another thing I hate to hear from people is about the world coming to an end, that scares me a lot I don’t know why, am trying not to believe in that anyway.. but personally I really don’t want it to end yet, not now. I haven’t lived.. I feel I have something to offer to this world, if not to all the people in the world at least to few people in the whole world who will be reading my books and posts.

When I hear about the world coming to an end I become scared that all these my dreams will not be lived, even sometimes I get angry why aren’t they talking about how to make the world a better place, we only have about hundreds years if you are live here in this planet, why aren’t they talking about using these years effectively to make the world a better place.

Another thing or person I hate to hear from is that other invisible me, yeah other me.. it’s called self image. Every one has it, you have it.. That inner voice that scorn you when you do nasty things, it also talked you in and out of decisions, it also tells you, that you don’t need somethings, like he told me about 12 years ago that I don’t need all the money, that all I need is probably a few bedroom apartment a car and about 5 figures in the bank, this other me is just scared doesn’t know how to get all the money and doesn’t want to learn.

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I don’t know why this invisible me don’t believe in this physical me, always trying to protect me, always putting me in the comfort zone.

But recently it has started giving me freedom not only freedom but also encouraging and supporting me, I don’t know what happened to him, I mean my Self Image, he has really changed unlike before when he will always given me hundreds of reasons why the physical me can’t do something. Now, he gives me reasons why I can do almost everything.

What really happened to this invisible me, why is he now acting this nice… to me it’s nice because this is what I really want, something or somebody to validate some of my crazy dreams, those crazy ones that I can’t even share with anyone. But what could have happened to this invisible part of me, this my self image.

Maybe it has improved, psychologist said it can be improved, because recently I have been reading lots of books, listening to audio tapes, watching some educating and instructive videos, maybe this is actually what made it to start changing.

Whatever it’s am glad it’s improving, am glad it’s changing..

In case you want to improve your self image because I know you have one, you may consider doing the things I said I did, it might help you improve yours.

On the other hand you may not really need to listen to me, am not a 6 figure guy, there is no reason you should listen to me.

But my joy is I have written then out as it rings in my head, it’s off my head new ones are coming in. I mean ideas and thoughts.


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