5 or More Ways to Come Up With Topics to Write About

Writing & Publishing

In writing or in some other kind of art like music, painting and more others, choosing topics are important step in creating content, either song or post or article for a hardcopy publishing or a chapter or title for a book or whatever sort of art creation, topics are to great extend carefully considered.

They have lots of rows to play, they represent the message and the ideas you intend to sell out, the wordings or lyrics or colour you need to use and much more. But the challenge has always being how to come up with topics to write about, this is something many writers struggle with, to come up with a title for there next post.

Some tips below can direct your attention to areas to look out for topics for your next post or book.

#The last post or book you read.

Yes… Copy the hire out of everyone or everything you read, write about anything you read that resonate with you, no one can brag that he has the last wisdom on any topic, our differences in culture, beliefs, the environment we grow up and other factors made it so, we all have something to bring to the table either reasonable or unreasonable, though no one can be reasonable enough to judge if your opinion is reasonable or not. Pick the title of the last post you read, the last book you read or the phrase within the last book or post you read and write about it, give it more meaning and life, that is how intelligence is expanded, that is how ideas are developed and that is how books and post you read everyday are written.


There is nothings that is not worth writing about, people imagine things that doesn’t exist or rather will never exist or may exist but not in this world and they write about it, if you read fictions you will understand what I mean, fictions are imaginative which becomes a story, story which becomes a post or a book, for the fact that most fiction are not realistic probably not in this world, doesn’ t take away the quality or impact it has in the lifes of those who read it. Fictions are like engine oil to creativity, if you want to become more creative read fictions. Everybody has imagination, we all imagine stuffs that might never exist or that may exist but not as we imagine it….. You can creat your next topic from your next imagination.

#Conversations with friends

It might not actually be a friend, it might be a colleague, coworker or a stranger. Actually, I don’t know the kind of interaction you do have with your friends, colleagues or coworkers, I don’t know what it’s like, I don’t know if you guys talk about ideas, or solutions, or politics, or sex, or whatever. But you should know, there are always posts and sometimes books out of every conversation you engage every day, there is always a topic to write about in every conversation, all you need is to give attention to details.

#From Past Experience

Sometimes topic comes before the message is created, why sometime the message comes before the topic. Sometimes you already have the message you intend to pass on but no topic, sometimes the message is so clear in your head but no topic to represent it the way it seem in your head. Also sometimes you need the topic to help you come up with the message, sometimes the topic potary clearly the message you intend to deliver. Which ever scenario it maybe for you, you can get a message from your past experience likewise topic for your next post, all you need is to give attention to details.

#From movies

Did I say moves? yeah moves. Moves are made up of stories, though many are fictions. Here is how you can get topic from the next movie you intend to watch….. Copy the title and write a post about it or write a review about the the movie or criticise the movie or write about what you think the movie should have looked like, you can as well thwart the title to something different. This can be applied to posts in a blog, books, songs and other kind of content.

One more thing, topic prepares the mind of a reader and equip him or her with expectations. Let your topics be truthful.



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