Failed Action

The Best Action for Failed Action Is to Study The Failed Action.

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Failed Action

No body likes to fail, even in little things. The feelings in wins are far more desirable than the once in failing, no doubt.

When you fail, it’s reasonable to look around and within and see what went wrong. Or what you didn’t do. Or what you didn’t know. Failures come from negelecting procedures to actions. And it happens to everyone. No body can brag about knowing it all. We are all learners to life and we are potential failures.

Failing is not the problem is what you do when you fail that is the problem. You can decide to kill yourself, or hate yourself or blame someone easy, or not try it again. But before you kill yourself or hate yourself or blame someone easy for your inabilities remember that we are all potential failures. Everyone will definitely fail on something, if not today, tomorrow.

Also remember you didn’t kill yourself when you threw that first step in attempt to walk years ago, neither did you hate yourself for trying. you eagerly continued trying until you walked, now you can run.

Now you are old enough and decisions has to be made, actions has to be performed. Crucial and casual actions. Many you don’t even have an idea of what is expected from you, but you need to act. This simple means you will fail, but if you succeed that is awesome if you also fail sometime it’s awesome too.

Many times failure is the best thing that can happen to you, to everyone. Sometimes it pull us back from wrong direction. And many times it gives us new look, a different perception about things, about life in general.

So many times we ought to celebrate failure but we don’t, rather we celebrate success. Though It’s good to celebrate success especially when you have failed and failed and failed and failed who knows how many times, and then you succeeded.

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If you succeed, you succeed and you succeed again. But If you fail and you wish to succeed next time study your failures. Studying Your failure is infinitely more valuable than studying your success. This last paragraph is worth reading over and over again.


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