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How To Develop Your Writing Skills.

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Writing skills

Straight to the fact write always. That is, I will say the easiest way to developing your writing skills, your writing muscles. Writing is a skill just like others skills it can be developed, improved and mastered.

There are other ways through which you can also develop your writing skills, you can also develop your writing muscles by taking a writing course. Or paying someone to teach you how to write. In which ever way, you still need to write to know if you have really learned the skills.

Everything thing in life is a process. Rome was not built in a day. Everything that demand perfection requires time too. If you write 100 or 200 or 300 words a day or in two day or in three days, you may not be perfect after 6 months. But you may be perfect after 1year, or may not be. But who cares, when you start enjoying what you do, perfection becomes an option. It’s not yet 6 months I started writing and see am not yet perfect. Am still struggling to organize my ideas and opinions into sentences. The thing for me is that I care more of writing stuffs then writing perfect piece.

But am hoping to be better. Though I have learnt some few things during these few months regards to writing, not just about writing, but also about life. In writing, I have learnt not to worry about grammars, not to worry about structures, also to use periods or dots (.) or whatever you call it frequently, to make people frequently pause when they read my writings.

I also wish to improve. by that i read posts and books or ebooks about writing, not just about writing also about other stuffs. That is one thing about improving in anything. You need to read from people who has been where you are going. People who already have what you are looking for. They will give you ideas and at the same time opinions. It will be left for you to evaluate the ideas and opinions and see which one is for you and if you are to use them.

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There are always something to write about, in case you are wondering about what to write. You can write about your past experience. Or instruct through writing your skills. Or tell us story that has and will never happen. Everyone wants to hear stories, that is why we watch movies. You can write a script for a movie or a lyric for a song.

Whatever it’s you decide to do, if you wish to develop your writing skills, you need to always write always. Write in whatever capacity you have.


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