5 Things I Learnt After Discovering That Am Dyslexic.

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Dyslexia, I never knew the meaning of that word. In fact I never knew that such word exist. Word that can be used to describe some one who find it difficult dealing with words.

I have always believed that my inability to pronounce some words are because of the inconsistency in my education background. From optioning out in my junior days in school to learn trade, to sitting for my secondary school certificate exams as an external candidate, then to two years spell in polytechnic, instead of 4. Now am off again. Currently I’m off from the academic world. Who knows till when. But I do think maybe the on and off is actually the cause of my inability to pronounce some words. But I prefer to accept that am dyslexic.

I always wanted to be a writer. To author a book. But I didn’t belive that It can be done by me. I always believed that people who can produce thousands of words to make up books must be genius. They must be an extraordinary persons. I also thought you must get everything about the language you want to write with right before you start writing. Like grammar, structure, spell check and so on. But I was wrong.

Before my 24th birthday, I remember reading only 2 books, two books for the entire 24years I have lived. I hate reading. Maybe school system made it so. Always forcing you to read most of the stuff you don’t want to read. During my last semester exam in my 2 years spell in polytechnic. I made a commitment not to read any thing again, even if it’s sign post. I was angry, I have to keep vigil to read all night so to write exams in the morning. I was angry with myself. I was angry with the school system. So I made that commitment.

But am glad I didn’t keep to it. Assuming I did won’t have known what dyslexia means. Maybe I won’t have known what is actually wrong with me. Maybe I won’t have gotten the idea that you must not be perfect to start writing for publication or start doing anything.

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I can gladly say reading saved my life. When I mean reading, I don’t mean subjective reading. I mean leisure reading. The sort of reading in which you read stuff that you want to read. At your own convenient time and space. That is the kind of reading that saved my life.

Within the space of 2years I can gladly say I have been able to read about 30 books, tense of ebook and hundreds of articles. The numbers of books, or ebooks, or article I have read doesn’t really have to matter to you. It doesn’t really matter to me. What matters most to me is what I have gained from of all the materials that I have read.

When I read the book by Richard Branson “Screw Bussines As Usual” If I can remember that book talked about entrepreneur. Doing things differently and much more. But that wasn’t all I took from the book. I also got to discover that the author is also suffering from the same inability that am suffering from. The inability of dealing with words. He used the word dyslexic to describe it. From there I got the world dyslexia. Then I got the meaning. But I was astonished despite this inability he has writing many books. Not to mention is grand achievement as the founder of Virgin Airlines. He owns hundreds of companies.

From reading that book I grasped that inabilities should never be an excuse for not doing what you wish or have to do. There is always a way into anything, all you need is to find or discover a way.

In nutshell, Here are five things I have learnt after discovery that I am dyslexic..

#1. You don’t need to be perfect to Start anything. If you wish to wait till perfection comes, you might wait for ever. Or it might be too late. It always get better in the process, and even fun.

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#2. Reading is as important as taking your bath. As taking your bath refreshes your body, so does reading refreshes your mind down to your soul. Reading expose you to new words. New ideas. And solutions to problems.

#3. Your ability is limitless, you have ability to do anything. Including mastering dyslexia. But you won’t know unless you start using them.

#4. If you really want to find something you must seek. It’s a biblical principle. And it’s applicable to the real world.

#5. There’s joy in discovery that you can do. Doing what you thought you can’t do. The feeling only is a motivation itself.

You may want to think about all these things. And see if you can start doing new things or things you thought you couldn’t do. But on the other hand you don’t have to. You don’t have to take anything from me. Am not a five or six figure guy. In fact as at the time of writing this am broke. But I wrote this to remind myself what my journey has been. So it’s your choice.


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