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The Best Time of the Year to Set Goals.

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It’s the last day of the year. If you have made resolution earlier this year, this is the time to reflect on them. It’s the right time to see how far you have kept on them, how well you have been through them.

It’s also the right time to set goals. Setting Goals is not a grantee to success, or achievement. When you map out your goal, that doesn’t mean success is assured. What determines success is keeping up with the goals. Goals are like GPS when you lock in your destination, it guilds you on the right path to getting to your destination. It guides your steps, actions, thoughts and emotions. One of the most important things about goals is that it helps you not to waste time on unnecessary things.

There are lots of tips out there on how to set goals. But honestly there are no rules to setting goals. It’s all about thinking of what you wish to accomplish in a given time and start working on them gradually.

Your goals can be too big or too small, but the most important thing is that they should be achievable and challenging. They can be so crazy to the extend you feel uncomfortable telling someone, but its necessary it point to your overall purpose.

You might have had about some rules in goal setting, like time frame giving your goal time limit. Measurable, making sure they are something you can evaluate to determine progress.

Achievable, making sure they are something possible for human, for you to achieve.

Specific, making sure they are not complicated.

Reasonable, making sure they aren’t set based on jealousy.

Above all, it’s important you write them down. Writing them down helps you to remember and get a clearer understanding of them.

And more importantly the essence of time frame is to monitor your progress within a period of time, it’s not to kill yourself for not achieving all that is set out to achieve. You might change course in life, and that will affect some of your goals too. So, It’s not all about the goals, it’s about what the goals will make of you. It’s not about accomplishing all; it’s about acting on them. Always look out for when to redesign your goals.

Regardless that now is the right time as I said earlier, all time are always right for setting goals.

Lastly, Setting goals don’t get you ahead in life, acting on goals does.


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