You Can Do Anything But You Can’t Do Everything.

Self Improvement

Our ability is limitless. We can do anything we set our mind to do.

Few days ago a generator mechanic came to the house to fix the Generator set. Upon the process he dismantled the entire set up to the last component. And my elder sister was like how would he be able to get all this set back to place without displacement. He must be an extraordinary human being. It’s something impossible for her. It’s impossible for me too. But not for the man. Upon saying that, I have also wondered in the same manner about her. She is a fashion designer. I have also wondered how she is able to assemble all the cut piece of clothes into a beautiful dress which I always see hanging on the sexy fashion dull in her mini factory.

That is mastery. When we master an act, it becomes an easy approach. It becomes normal to us just like our regular daily activities like talking, running, eating and so on. If we are taken back to our early days in life. When we are still learning how to walk. It’s obvious we will see it as the most hardest skill to learn. But today we can unconciousely walk around. That is mastery. Humans with complete functions have the ability to master anything.

It takes maximum of 2 years to master an act or skill. Academically or socially. It takes maximum of 2 years to master any skills or profession either Accounting, medicine, administration…. If all the materials or information needed will be made available, in less than 2years anyone can master the act or skills. I can write a theory on this.. that is the limitless of human ability.

We can do anything. But what we can’t do, is everything. We can’t do everything in the sense that we can’t do many things at once. As human we have the tendency to be less effective when we do two or more things at a time. Like learning to drive at the same time watching a tutorial video on programing.

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Our ability to do anything is based on focus, commitment and consistent. Focus allows us to give full concentration to the task at hand. Commitment guides us in doing what’s necessary for the accomplishment of the task at hand. Consistency keeps us to keep on.

But everything starts from the believe that we can do anything we set our mind to do.


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