Doing What You Love.

Self Improvement

If you ever want to be happy in life you need to find what you love. You need to find it in relationship. In your career. In your look. In your body shape and much other areas. The only place you really don’t have a choice of choosing what you love is your family, your ancestors. You just need to deal with what ever it’s for you. You can’t change whom your parents are or there lineage.

But in relationship you need to find what you love and then love who possessing what you love. then will you discover happiness.

In career, when you find what you love. Then start acting on it, then you will discover happiness in the process.

It’s the same in the way you want to look. And much more other aspect of life.

The major secret to happy life is find what you love and do it or live it.

Here is one thing, doing what you love doesn’t have to be your means of survival. It must not be your means of income. Though it can be, but it must not be. Sometimes what you love doing is something you can do at your free time if you have some or at a created time.

Finding what you love is a different thing, doing it or living it is another thing.

Here is what no one has told you (maybe) about doing what you love. Doing what you love is demanding. It’s not as easy as they sound it “find what you love and stick to it and you will be happy and successful” they never talked about the sacrifices that you need to put in. Doing what you love requires commitment and sacrifices which includes your resources and time. If what you love is to be a doctor, it will take you about 7 to 10 years to really do it and find real fulfilment in it. If you love to be a writer, you need to spend thousands of minutes writing before you can really find the joy in it. Starting anything is always hard. If you love a particular shape, you will need to pay for it with some time in the gym. You need to buy the stuffs needed so to give you that great look.

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Many times what you love, takes forever to start playing right.

Some times what you love acts like ” a young lady who likes a young man who is already asking her out, but she plays cool.. she doesn’t want to look cheap. She patiently wait for the young man to prove that he cares. When she finds out that he really cares she then give in”.

Many times we have to prove that we love some thing and also that we love doing that thing, before it will start playing out for us, and then we can discover the joy in it.


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