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A Drop of Ink Can Change Life.

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write stuff

You may wonder why you should write a post. Or write an article. Why you should publish on your timeline, profile or on your blog an articulated post.

Here is why, here is why you should write stuffs: take notice when you read stuffs you get to think, you think about the text you read, the opinion or idea they contain. Then you decide if it’s reasonable or not. We have the ability to decide if it’s valuable or not. We have the power to agree or disagree with every content we read.

It’s our choice to choose what we make of the text we read. Every text we read is an opinion or hypothesis of some one, some which has become theory, then law.

Our beliefs, knowledge and some other factors even culture will determine how we interpret every text we read. Also It’s obvious every text we read forces us to think, it forces us to think positively or negatively. To criticize or validate.

A drop of ink may make hundreds, thousands and millions to think. To think of stuff they have never thought of. It can make millions to see things from the perception they have never looked at it before. It can make them to make decisions. To validate ideas. To change their directions positively. It can make people to discover their essence in life. It can encourage millions to keep on keeping on. A drop of ink can expand knowledge.

We need to keep writing, to expand knowledge. To correct issues. To option opinions and ideas to prevailing issue. We need to keep writing to make people think of what they haven’t thought of before.


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