Failed Action

Failure From The Eyes of A Child.

Self Improvement

Failure from the eyes of 6 years old me was fun. I wish I can live that again. It will be more easier for me to get along with life now. Because I won’t have to convince myself in every single failed act I undertake that it’s ok to fail. I would gladly keep on without give a thought of any of my failed act. The 6 years old me will gladly want to fail again, even in the same task he failed previously.

During my primary days in school, we always love to play in the field. My school has a big field. One of the interesting thing we engage in during recreation is hunting for locusts or other similar flying insects. During recreation we will happily hop out to the field many times for soccer and athletes or other sports activities. And some times it’s to hunt locusts or flying ant. We will always find them at the un-kept side of the field. Sometimes we work as a team. Sometimes it’s all man for himself.

Even as little as we are then, we knew how important it’s to find a way of doing things. We knew we can’t just work straight to them and catch them. Flying ants are sensitive. They know they are always in danger not just from us, but from other animals like lizards and chameleons that will always fine them tasteful to quench their hunger. They know all these, so they are always ready to make a move if they observe any form of tracts. They are always ready to escape from danger.

We too, knew that. We knew they are too sensitive. So what we do is we devise a means. We develop a strategy. What our little brain can come up with, is to aviod been seen by the them. Maybe that is actually the best means to get hold of them. I don’t really know if they really do see. But we really believe they do see. And we assume that if we come from the front they will see us and fly away. So we avoid coming from the front. Our strategy is always… gently come from the back, come as close as you can without a noise and distractions, then take the final dive…. In some cases as if the ant has been observing us all through. It will leap or fly away by the time we take the final dive or at any possible opportunity. And we will end up missing it or diving into an empty field.

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Here is the thing. When ever we fail to catch a thing, we are always not bothered. We will gladly get up and go chasing another. But sometimes we get hold of them. And we celebrate our success, and still let them go. It’s as if we just want to test our skills. But those times we fail. We don’t blame ourself or blame the wind or someone closer who might have likely made it to fly away. We will gladly chase another and then maintain more carefulness. In our little mind, we already understand the nature locusts. So we only had two options either to catch or to miss. As far as our outcome is within these two options, we didn’t have any cause to worry. The only time we have reasons to worry is when we get injured during our hunting. When we miss we go chase another or when we catch we celebrate. Then free it. Then move on.

We enjoyed chasing the locust. Day after day we always want to do it. With no hard feelings of previous failed attempt.

This could be the best way to approach life, to live life.. Always engage in what you love. And do everything you love with love. Always trying new things, things you haven’t done before. Always have in mind that in every success obtainable act you have two options, to fail or to succeed. When you fail you don’t have to dwell on it. You learn, find a way and move on. When you succeed you don’t have to dwell on it too. You don’t have to feel complacent, you keep on moving. You keep on keeping on.

Maybe looking at things through the eyes of A child is the best way to look at the issue of life. Maybe that is also what the passage in the bible which says “if we can’t become like a little child we can’t enter into God’s kingdom” maybe that is one of the message the passage is trying to pass to us. Who knows…


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