The Man With Two Horn and Ugly Face

Self Improvement

My little nephew and his friend where playing. Then they started an argument. It was all about where God and Devil live. My little nephew believe God and Devil both live at the upper side of the earth. That no one can live below the earth. That you can only find water below the earth. His friend believe otherwise. She is of the believe that God lives at the upper side of the earth, and the devil lives below the earth.

They needed to clarify them self. They had to consult uncle, they consulted me. I was cut up between telling what I believe is truth and what I believe is untrue. I had to make my nephew believe he was wrong and let his friend win the argument. I told him God lives in heaven and the devil lives below the earth. Actually that was what I was meant to believe all my life. Including that the devil is the ugly guy with two horns.

But the whole thing got me to think deep. My nephew to me is close to the truth. But he is just a 6 years old boy. Today happened to be his birthday. I felt he is too young for me to contradict everything he believes. I can’t predict how he will handle things after that. How he will handle my view that there is no such person as the ugly guy with two horns. If there is, no one has seen him expect in imagination, in illusion or in other kind of world. If really someone has seen him, I have not. I can’t predict how he will take it if I say to him that the devil is everywhere. That God represents the positive form and forces of the universe and the devil represents the negative form and forces of the universe. That in every negative act man engaged, the devil is involved. This is what I believe. It makes me not to waste time casting and binding. It helps me to be conscious of my everyday act. Because countless times I have to decide which forces to obey.

I would have love to let him know about my philosophy. But there are many things in consideration. He is still a young mind. I wish he finds the truth by himself some day. He’s curious already, i believe he will find out for him self. Or maybe someday when his of a sound mind he will ask the same or similar questions. Then I will tell him what I think. Or what I believe.

But the truth is that we are always looking out for the man with an ugly face with two horns, who lives below the earth. We are always looking out for him, to bound and cast him. But we never get to see him. By that, we bound and cast him in our mind and in our imagination.

But the thing is we deal with this man in our day to day thoughts and actions. If we start seeing him as the occupants of the negative form and forces of the universe. We might actually devise a better way of dealing with him. Maybe then we won’t have to bind and cast him. Maybe then we will just ignore him. And make him look useless. And then focus on the positive side of life. Which is all what God represents.


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