A Memo Can Change The World.

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Write memo

I piece of paper written on it “I love you” can change the day of someone. A paper written on it an organized words can earn you a Grammy award. It can earn you a Degree. A pieces or rather some pieces of paper written on it words, can guild the actions of thousands and millions of people.

You can call it, a love letter. Or movie script. Or an answer script. Or a constitution. Or whatever. But they can make a difference. That is how powerful written words are. It’s not where they are writing that makes them powerful it’s what they read. The meaning they contain.

A piece of paper with a written words can change the world. That written words can be a goal. Or an idea. When they are written down. They become tangible and reliable and workable.

You might consider writing a memo for yourself. Or for the entire world.


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