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If It’s Right To Think Different.

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thinking different

Or should we all be the same… I mean think the same way. Act the same way. Talk the same way. Believe in the same ideas and more other things. In most cases it’s something that can never be, like thinking the same way. No two persons think the same way.

From i where i come from,  my home town. We have norms,  if you go against it, you are either fined or restricted from privileges. So, everyone tries to live by the norms, it’s a norms and traditions which has been there before our fathers. Norms which was passed on to us by our fore fathers. This norms are important to my kinsman there are people who’s duty is to guild and protect it. And there are also people who carry oversight functions. To make sure things goes as it’s supposed to.

But the world is changing, change is constant. We all know that, although many still don’t know that. Norms are changing too.

I never get to meet my grand father. But my dad told me he was a pagan. I can’ t measure is wealth, but though it’s believed that anyone  who is capable of talking care of three woman as a wife is rich enough. But no prove to that because he didn’t leave anything behind except for pieces of land. My father will always say he was a good man. Maybe good man by heart.

My dad also told me that my grand father had himself fortified just to protect himself from unknown force, I really don’t know which force. Despite his good heart, if I where to judge based on the new belief of my father, I will say my grand father is heading to hell. Because my dad didn’t follow his father spiritual ways of life. But who are we to judge. Who knows what is important. The actions or intentions of man, who knows the one that matters. When I have little chance to judge people, I judge by intention.

My dad sorted for another way, another belief. Maybe he became wiser, maybe he thought differently, then he had to changed his beliefs. And he tries to teach us what he feels is right. Actually, We never had to sit on the round table and look him in the face and watch him talk to us on what is good or bad. We learnt by observation and by discipline.

I don’t really know if learning by observation and discipline is the right way to bringing up a child. But that is how we learnt, I mean me and my siblings. I still remember, my dad didn’t say anything to me until I started asking questions. There is this passage in bible that reads ASK, AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. That passage is much effective than you think. I asked, then I started receiving wisdom. There is a saying that the best place to receive wisdom is from age. The best place to get wisdom is to talk to people who have lived before you or you read their books.

Did I say my father was an honorable man. O yeah he was. If a community can entrust their finances to you and trust you to handle community project. It means they believe it will be safe with you. It take a honorable man to safe guard public finance and still remain accountable. But I wish he was wealthy. Maybe I have to think different in terms of wealth. I really don’t have to think like my grand father or like my dad in terms of wealth.

The whole story is not just to relate to you who I am, or where I come from. Though it’s part of it. But mostly it’s all about looking at if really it’s right to thinking differently. If it’s right to be the odd among the even. The only religion my fore fathers knew before now was the one pasted on to them by there own fore father and they where living it and and believed it. It was a way of life to them, a tradition. My generation are still preserving those traditions. It is now our culture, our heritage. Africa is known to be rich in culture and traditions. So, it is worth preserving.

In this generation people are thinking different. People now believe the ways of our fore father are not the right way to live. Like, they worshiped the wrong God. They believed on the wrong things. They eat the wrong way. They buy and sell in the wrong way. So new religion are introduced, new beliefs are introduced too. Even though some of the new beliefs contradict or oppose previous beliefs. The people find a way to live with all, with both. The most important thing is that all beliefs  promote the well been of humanity, so they accept it. I have been living with that, respecting and participating in the traditional activities and also practicing Christianity that was made known to me by my dad. I also do think, if my dad was a Muslim I would probably be a Muslim today or maybe if he was practicing Buddhism I would probably be practicing Buddhism today.

Do we really need to criticize? or judge? I really don’t know.

Here is what I know, all values must be protected and It’s right to think different.

Here is what you should expect in years to come. Everything, every way you think is the right way will change if not as a whole, atleast a bit. The world is changing so will every thing in it.

If my father didn’t think different, from his father, who knows I might be somewhere now serving one Amadioha (god of thunder and lightning  ) I would have been happy doing it, because I would be thinking it is really the right way to live life. Just as you think now that your current beliefs is the best way to live life.

For us to explore everything that life has to offer we need to think different. We need to challenge thinking pattern that has not lived up to expectations.

But we need to think different with good intentions. Think different for the best of what anything can be. Think different to improve life and our own life. Think different to make the world a better place. Think different to create more better ways of doing things. Think different to find solutions to problems. Think different to love better and to live better.


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