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Start Now And Learn The Rules Later.

Self Improvement

This advice is actually for me. Maybe it will serve you too. But I intentionally want to clear the idea about waiting till perfection before starting anything. The year is almost out, this is the right time to decide on how to face the coming year. It’s the right time to highlight some of things that will slow down progress in the coming year.

One of these things that can slow down our progress is procrastination. For some sort of reasons we always want the right time, the right time to start learning new skills, the right time to start the project, writing, gym, dieting, love, marriage… the list goes on. We always want to sight the bold sign, or hear a loud voice sounding it, like this is the right time. But often we discover that there is always no right time or rather all time is right.

I have witnessed the positive part of acting without waiting for the right time, without waiting till perfection. But I wish to act same in order aspects of my life. Maybe you need to do the same too. I use to admire writers, Authors and I also do wished to be one. I do see then as very incredible people. I use to believe that they have a special kind of ability that I don’t have. I see it as something I don’t have the ability to do, I mean writing. Because I was of the believe that I don’t have to make mistakes when I write. But everything changed when something and someone crossed my part.

About 6 months ago I stumbled upon an eBook that changed my life. The title is 121 UNUSUAL TIPS TO BEING A BETTER WRITER.. By Yann Girard. They where really unusual tips. In the eBook Yann advice that you should write no matter how bad you think you are in terms of grammar, spell check, or structure. The tips resonate with me and changed my idea about what it takes to become a writer or an Author. I still preach that idea to anyone who seeks of my advice on writing. Because I took that advice, with my knowledge about Web Content Management I created my blog and started to write as badly as I can. Looking back am glad I did start. I have being able to publish about 80 blog posts within the space of 6 months and current working on my first book. Something some aged heads in the field of writing won’t be able to achieve.

Although, In my blog I do receive constructive criticism about my spell-check, structure and grammar. But I also do receive a lot of thumbs up. The most important thing is that I’m gradually learning the rules, and getting better. I know am getting better, even without any external validation I know I’m improving.

To me this is the best way to getting ahead in life, the best way to achieving goals, to beat procrastination. I wish to act more like this in 2018. I believe this post will remind me that I need to. That is why I wrote it, to remind me that if I wait for perfection I might wait forever. It’s better to start badly and get better in the process.


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