My Top 5 Definition of Success.

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If there is one thing everybody wants, that would be success. I want success. Success is a general commodity. And the way you look at it, the way you define it goes a long way to help you measure it.

Having in mind that there are many areas in life that success can be measured. Like in academics, Finances, health, relationships and many such areas. I try to define success in my own understand. In a way it will allow me to appreciate my little efforts and winings and allow me to continue moving forward in life. I define it with perception that the concept the definition contains Is workable. I believe that is what ( people whom we belive to be successful) do. They define success in a practical, understandable and achievable way for themself.

Here is how I defined success for myself, I defined success for myself as GROWING TO THE MAXIMIZATION OF MY POTENTIALS, which is God gift to me.

We all have potentials, ability to do things. I don’t mean the regular activities we undergo everyday like running, talking, jumping and more things of similar nature. Yes, they are all inclusive, they are all part of our potentials. But also part of our potentials include things we never knew we could do. We all have reservoir of abilities. I believe when we start taping into those abilities, when you began doing things you never thought you could do, I believe that is success. I believe then we can celebrate that we are succeeding.

But for the fact that it’s wise to look at things from different perspective. I felt it’s wise also to look at success from other areas in life that it can be measured. From other peoples point of view. It’s unwise to argue the fact that improvement in areas such as finance, relationships, health, influence and many such areas are not also success. I searched, and among hundreds of meaning of success these ones resonate with me. They interprete what I feel success should be.

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Here are my best 5 definition of success.

1. “I define success as living my true purpose and having a positive impact on the lives of people by uplifting them and inspiring them to think and act in ways that they may not have considered before.”
— Raj Sisodia,

2. “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” –Maya Angelo

3. “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm,” –Watson Churchill

4. “My definition of success is knowing that what you are doing is helping you and others lead a better, happier, healthier life.”
— Kara Goldin,

5. “Success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” — Thomas Edison


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