5 Skills to Learn That Can Make You More Valuable in 2018.

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These days’ organizations don’t really want those with just natural ability or degree. They are much interested in those with skills, those that have the ability to get results. They are much interested in what you can bring to the table. They are not really interested in the theory you where thought in school they are more concerned about the skills you have to pull results.

So skills make you more valuable in the labour market or in any sort of market. Not just in the market, both for yourself. If you develop the right set of skills you will become productive and valuable for yourself as an entrepreneur or as an independent worker (freelance), or whatever.

Here are 5 skills that you can learn in 2018 that can make you more Valuable.

1# Programming Skills

This has to do with Coding, App Development and other sort of program development.

A lot of people shy away from this skill, because of the idea that it has to do with number. Due to their dislike for calculations, many don’t really want to get in involved in it.

Another believe about programming is that it’s for the guys; it’s not meant the female gender. But it’s not truth. Programming can be done by any gender.

The idea about it having to do with number is also not an excuse to not get involved in it. The thing is that programming involves following some certain sets of rules, you are actually not the one inventing the code or creating the alphanumeric needed for the whole thing, in most case is just about you follow a certain rules (programming language) and putting the numbers and letters (alphanumeric) orderly, and you will have your program running. It’s something learnable.

Organizations are looking for those who can maximize production and minimize wastage including time. If you write a program or develop an APP that can help solve most of peoples or organization problems you will be valuable, much more than you think. You will be sorted after. You will set your own policy in the market.

2# Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing is one of the trending career globally. You may ask what it is all about. They are people responsible for getting information, product and services to where people are in the internet.

Almost the entire world is connected by internet, many company’s has moved some of their “I will say office” to the internet. They now operate from the internet. They now provide goods and services online. Digital marketers are the one responsible for running those offices online. They try to make the product and services accessible to its intended market online.

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This is a kind of skill to learn in 2018. And it’s something that can be learned. Almost everybody is sign-up to all the social media; it’s all about knowing the tools that are available in those social media and how to use them. Also getting to know how the WWW works and how to use it and other related tools like emailing and all that.

Even without a degree if you learn this skills, you will become more valuable in the labour market, or in other sort of market and much more to yourself. You can actually use the skill to promote yourself, your own content, products and services.

3# Writing Skill.

Recent I developed a passion for writing, and that is what brought to existence this whole content you are reading.

Writing skill is valuable and it’s saleable. We are all writers anyway, if you can combine alphabet into meaningful words you are a writer. But when I mean writing skill or writers, I don’t mean the regular kind of writing. What I really mean is writers with intention, those that put ideas, opinion, solutions behind their words, those that stimulate thoughts. This is the kind of writing or writers I called intentional writers. They write because they have something to say not because they want to say something. That is the kind of Writer or Writing skill that am talking about.

If you develop this sort of writing skill, you can actually sale out your ideas, you can sale it in a post, books or in other form of content. You can work independently (freelance) or work for an organization. This is a very kind of valuable skill.

The thing is that it’s learnable, before now I wanted to start writing; I never did until I started writing. I was pretty much bad even now, you may actually observe. But I can tell that I’m getting better. To develop writing skill, it starts with always intentionally writing, writing regularly. That is all, and then you can actually learn some other tips to improve in it.

Writing skill is one of the skill you can learn in 2018 that can turn out to be valuable for you in all aspect.

#4 Creative Thinking Skill.

You might actually ask if this is really a kind of skill? Yeah, it’s.

The thing is that it involves more of mental aspect of our being.

Creative thinking is all about thinking outside the box, thinking differently. Like looking at things to determine their worth, their usefulness, what they can also represent rather than seeing then as they really are, or as everyone sees it. One of my favorite writer James Althucher calls it idea s…x, combining two or more ideas to form one workable idea.

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It’s like observing your environment and with the knowledge you have identified two irrelevant objects or ideas put them together to make products or services or useful object.

For example, the internet is there, your digital camera or smart phone is there, and you are also there with an idea or solutions. You can pull your digital camera and yourself together to make a video addressing the problem or sell your idea, and then put it up in the internet. That is creative Thinking, and it’s a skill. And the whole thing is learnable.

If you take time to build yourself towards this kind of skill, there’s no doubt you will become much valuable in the market place and to yourself 2018 and in the future.

#5 Adaptability Skill

The name can probably tell you what it’s all about. It’s all about the ability to adopt. Things are changing so fast. The set of technology you use this year is not the one you will probably use next 2 years (that might even be too long). The preview, the colour and theme you see in social media this month, is not what you will probably see in the next two month, six months or a year. They are always updating, new features are been added. New gadgets are been manufactured.

Apple, Google and other similar companies are investing heavily to perfect a self driver car in 2022 or thereabout, that is how crazy technology is going. So you also have to develop the skill of adapting to all these changes, you need to find a way to be always updated in all areas. Know what is happening in your field, know the latest trend, know the latest tool, know the latest techniques and all that.

If you are up to date in your niche and all other things, you will be able to provide workable information or ideas. And that is a whole lot of value in 21 century. You know information and ideas are like global currency in 21 century. They are valuable in every place and accepted across the globe. If you learn the skill of adaptability you will always have access to great information, ideas and opportunity. And that is a whole lot of value in this computer age.

Ok, that is it. I hope the whole ideas made meaning to you. So tell me, which skills are you going to start learning? Let me know in the comment section.


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